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I have proof!

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Lilly pretends that she hates the other cats, but I took these pictures a little while ago... she doesn't hate them as much as she pretends to!

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Hehe, don't you love it when you catch them doing something out of their 'routine'. Cute snuggle shot though!
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that's very sweet!
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LOL, I love it when they DON'T think anyone is looking!
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Adorable! I wish mine would do that but Chynna just won't have it. Abby tried and tried when she first came here, but Chynna always beat her up (not playing...really mean ) And now even if Chynna wanted to snuggle, Abby is too afraid and runs as soon as Chynna comes near her
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yep caught snuggling! how adorable.
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They're adorable and they look so peaceful.
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