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Okay, I have 5 kittens, they were on Natural Choice Kitten Food(the dry) and science diet kitten wet food, then I gradually switched them over to Kitten Chow by Purina cause the price of NC kitten food was killing my savings, lol.
They seemed to switch over well, then the day after they went to straight kitten chow, 2 of them have been having pure diarrhea since then..it's been about, 2 1/2(?) weeks, maybe 3?

They are 13 weeks old. They have been dewormed. They are acting the same, really playful and loving, there has been absolutely no personality changes.

Any ideas??
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I hate to say it, but it sounds like your kitties are having sensitivities to the Purina. for them feeling better. I am not sure what to suggest as an alternative for low cost kitten food, but perhaps a member with more experience can give you some ideas. Sharky is the resident expert, so hopefully we'll hear from her
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You might try feed stores--they often have better prices on the higher quality foods, like Nutro.
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thank you iluvdevons.. I have never had a cat be sensitive to any type of food and didn't suspect that, but you are probably right..I'm going to try to find them a different food that won't break the bank

cloud_shade; I checked our feed store today and they do have some nice foods for lower prices, but no Kitten dry food gosh dang it. thank you for the advice, I might just check a different feed store...
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