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My cat pees on a rug constantly.

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I have a cat named jasper. he is almost 4 years old. the past 2 months he has constantly been peeing on this rug. he will not pee anywhere else except on this rug and me and my roommates cannot figure out why. his liter box is always clean and always has food and water.

we play with him all the time so we cannot figure it out. we thought about getting rid of the rug ,but noticed he tried to pee on a different rug a few days ago

does anyone know why he might be doing this?
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Is he neutered? Has he been to a vet? He may have a urinary tract infection, inappropriate peeing can be due to pain when urinating, or feeling unwell. If he isn't neutered, it could be a territorial marking thing. Get him checked out by a vet to make sure there is nothing medically wrong before assuming that it's a behavioural thing. You also need to clean the rug thoroughly with an enzymatic cleaner, to remove the urine scent markers - or he'll keep going back to the same place. Good luck
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He should probably go see a vet. Not using the litter box can be a sign of urinary track infection. If the vet rules out a health issue then it's something behavioral. Maybe he doesn't like where his litter is located or the type of litter... You need to rule out any health issues first.
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He may have crystals in his urine or a urinary tract infection. Whenever a cat was using the box and stops using it, the first thing to do is get kitty to a vet. It's the only way they have to tell us there is a problem.

That said, is it a bathroom rug that has a rubber kind of backing? These often attract cats, and the best thing to do is to replace it with one that doesn't have that backing (the smell attracts the cats).

Besides getting him to the vet, if it's just a regular throw rug, it MUST be cleaned with an enzyme cleaner. Nothing else will remove the smell to your kitty's more sensitive nose. Nature's Miracle is an example of one sold widely in the U.S. We use a product called http://www.nokout.com. Although Anti-Icky Poo sold at http://www.catfaeries.com is supposed to be great. Wherever kitty has peed must be completely doused with the stuff and left to air dry. If it's something you can toss in the washer, wash it in the washer with the enzyzme cleaner first, then do a second run-through with your regular detergent.

But please get kitty to a vet. Male cats are prone to crystals, and they need dietary adjustments to fix the problem. If not addressed, they can become blocked from the problem. When this happens, the urine backs up in their systems and causes enough toxicity for them to die within 24 - 48 hours.

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I agree with what everyone else has said --- a vet visit is certainly in order when behavior like this is exhibited.

In addition to using an enzymatic cleaner, I would also suggest putting a litter box in the place(s) where he is urinating inappropriately. It doesn't necessarily have to be placed there permanently, but it can't hurt. He should probably have 2 litter boxes anyway. Cat Attract litter is also something to look into. This product contains a scent that has a high success rate of inducing cats to use the litter box more faithfully.

If another box or two isn't feasible, another idea is to lay tin foil over the spots where he peed, until he demonstrates that he is over this phase. Cats tend to not like the feel of tin foil on their feet, and they certainly don't like the backsplash they would get if in the extreme case they urinate on the foil.

You may also want to consider just throwing the rugs out if they're badly damaged at this point.

Good luck with this --- since he has been doing this for 2 months already I would hope that his behavior has not become a bad habit, which could be difficult to break.
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