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50 000, who would have known?!!

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It's the number of people that watched the video I made of Zoe and Tania when they got home and they were still kittens!
I had put it on youtube to present them to my family and now all these people came to watch them .
I would be as proud of them even if no one would have come to see the video, but I'm happy that other people find them cute and special too! It makes me think I'm not that crazy to find them so unique...

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Oh, I wanna see! Make it 50 001!
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Originally Posted by Jaffacake View Post
Oh, I wanna see! Make it 50 001!
Ok! Here it is...

But I have to add a warning: it is very cheesy! Cute, but cheesy!
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That was sooooo adorable!! Thank you for sharing!
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Awwww, that was really great. Uber cute and funny. I really enjoyed the play scenes.
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OMG! Cutness overload!

Great choice of song too. I`m going to look forward to watching these guys grow up

Doh! I thought they were still baby kittens. Still babies though!
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Zoe and Tania's kitten video is a youtube hit.

You might want to post the link to their video in Photos too.
You captured your sweeties beautifully.
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OMG that was so cute!!! Actually you are at 51,521 views though! And growing! I could watch that over and over again! Just beautiful... I love the way you did it, I love Alanis Morisette, they are soo cute and its a very good movie!!
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Ahh! Too cute!!

I have videos of my Nova, but they're too short and they don't have music. Your videos are great!
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Totally adorable!

I love the scene where one leaps and pounces on the other one on the comforter on the bed.
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oh that was just so gorgeous! i love how young kittens try to look all big and tough when they play! rawrr!!!
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I was 51,786! They were and are absolutely adorable!
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Hey I remember seeing that video several months a go. It was adorable the first time and now it is SUPER ADORABLE the secon time around. I wonder how cute it would be seeing in a 3rd time????
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they are so precious!! How did you ever get anything done with those cutiepies around?? I would just watch or cuddle them all day!! I loved the video!!
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That was definitely cuteness overload!

I enjoyed the whole video, and could watch it again and again...soooo adorable!
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Aww... they're adorable!! I never saw their momcat, though; are they orphans? Have you got pics of what they look like now?
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Oh my goodness! That is a lot of people!
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Thank you all, I'm glad you liked!

Callista: They were not orphans, but the people that kept the mother were moving away and they wanted to get rid of the kittens. I took two of them (I didn't want them to feel alone) and the others all got adopted too. They were only 8 weeks old, but I was scared they would end up in a shelter or in careless hands...

And, of course, I have dozens of pictures of them! They are now almost 10 months old and happy. Well, Tania has a cold at the moment, but she is recovering now! If you want to see them (pictures of last week), you can go to this thread:

Thanks again for watching my babies...when they were babies!
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