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Pleased to meet you all.

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Hello Everyone,

thought Id introduce myself and my boys to you.

My name is Racheal, I live in the uk, Im 21 and I currently have two little boy cats called Dave and Sam.

I did have a kitten called Brian, but unfortunately a big metal monster stole him from us in September at the tender age of 5½ months. He is sadly missed.

But my boys would like to say something now....

Hi Im Dave, I a two year old Black DSH. I am very handsome and a bit naughty sometimes but the humans I live with are ok with that as long as Im not too naughty like when I tried to climb the christmas tree and it attacked me!! Im a very fortunate boy as I was saved from death by my humans as I have FIV, and was going to be... Oh I cant say it. But now after walking the streets all of my life and staring death in the face, I have a lovely warm cosy home with lots of food and love. although I do have to share it with that other one, oh here he comes Im off.

Hello Im Sam,

Im the better half of this duo If i do say so. Im a 3 year old, Long haired tabby tom and am alot pretty than that other one who I live with!! Im also the best behaved one, I simply like to sleep and cuddle with my humans. I like to eat and play im my spare time but mostly i like cuddles!!. My story is mostly the same as Daves apart from I was never going to be put down. my careers where looking for someone to take me but noone would because of this disease I have, that was until my humans came along. They took me home and was I shocked to see Dave, we didnt like each other at first but now we can put up with each other and thats good. Well I can see Dave trying to eat my food so Im gonna stop him.


Well thats me and my boys. hope to chat with you all soon.

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Welcome, Racheal! Sounds like you have a wonderful pair of guys, and it's always nice to hear about people willing to take in kitties who aren't 100% perfect health-wise. But I bet that you think they're just perfect as they are!
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Your cats sound quite the characters - bless you for taking them in when they needed you!
Welcome to a very wonderful site!

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Welcome Rachel! I hope you are able to post photos of your couple.

Do you allow your cats outside on a regular basis, or was your kittens death a real freak accident?
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And yes to me my boys are purr-fect in everyway.

This seems like a great site.

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Welcome to the site Rachael! Your boys sound like loads of fun, and you are an angel for taking them in.

I'm going to move this to the New Cats on the Block forum so you can get a formal welcome. I'll also delete the copy of this intro in there, since we have a policy of not duplicating threads. Thanks!
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Welcome Racheal!!!!! Join in on all the fun! This is the perfect place for any kitty advice and for everyday chit-chats!!!! Hope to see you around!
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My Kitten was allowed out all the time and so it was always on my mind that it may happen. And sadly it did, poor little mite.

Dave and Sam are allowed in our garden but thats it. As we dont want them fighting or getting knocked down.

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I have a little pic of Sam but not of the other yet. This one is already on a disk so I can do this one.

Hope you can see him.
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hello and welcome to you and your kitties!
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welcome to the cat site!!
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Welcome to:
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