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GAME: Sentence

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This game is one where you use the last word of the sentence above you to start a new sentence.

I'll start.

My cat Beauty loves tuna, turkey slices and chicken, but she doesn't like dogs at all.

The next person starts with the word all and it keeps going.
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All my cats love to snuggle on top of me in the evenings.
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Evenings are the best time to snuggle with Garfield.
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Garfield's friend Nermal is too cute!
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Cute as a button!
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Buttons are what I find batted around and hidden under my furniture
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Furniture is what Beauty loves to sleep on.
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On a sunny day Sabrina likes to look out the window.
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"Windows to the soul" are how some people discribe a cat's eyes.
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Eyes of cats are what makes them look so cunning and intelligent.
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Intelligent is what cats are when they've made a mess and blame the dog!
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