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I got hit by a truck 3 wks ago && I miss my babycat

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Hey everyone!! 3 wks ago I got hit by a truck out front of my home. I have NEVER EVER been away from my babycat for this long. I feel like he thinks I abandoned him, but nobody else thinks he feels that way. What do u guys think?

He gets really happy when my bf comes home from seeing me and he sleeps w/ my bf everynight. I know he knows I'm still alive cuz he can smell me on my bf at night. I'm still in the hospital rehab n im learning how to walk again cuz I broke my femur in 3 spots && fractured my pelvis in 3 spots. I may not get outta here for 6-8 wks (I am praying I won't b here that long). I cry every single day cuz I miss my baby so freakin much. The rehab doesn't allow pets, but I was already told to have my bf bring the cat here && meet me outside w/ him so I can see him n smell his gorgeous fur. But my bf is scared to do that cuz its cold outside && he dont wanna leave the cat in the car while he's visiting w/ me cuz he's afraid he'll go out to the car && the cat will b dead && ill be devistated. What is ur best advice for me cuz I just can't deal with this nemore I'm worried bout him!!! Thanks in advance!
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Oh no, I am sorry. I hope you heal quickly, I can only imagine that the hurt of being away from your little one only makes it seem worse.

Your kitty will be fine, and he won't forget you while you're recovering! Give your bf a t-shirt that you have worn, instead of washing it for you he should give it to your little kitty to cuddle up to, he will gain comfort from the smell of you on the t-shirt (even better if you've worn it for physio and sweated on it, sorry to be gross!) I doubt that he thinks you've abandoned him, as you rightly say he can smell you on bf and you will be back home before too long - and he will be so pleased to see you when you return

Good luck for your recovery.
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I do agree that it's a bad idea to bring him to the hospital - he'll be so traumatized by the drive and new surrounding he won't necessarily appreciate you! Listen, cats (being their charming weird selves) are SO attached to territory, often more so than to us, unlike dogs, and as long as you come home wearing something familiar-smelling (rather than hospital shampoo, etc.) he should be fine and you'll be back 'together' in no time. What a horrible accident though!
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Ok thx for the advice guys I really appreciate it! Here's an update- my bfs parents were gunna bring my Monster here to see me one night but I followed ur advice and asked them not to bc I didn't wanna stress him out. I also had a dirty tshirt I gave to bf to give to my baby and he did, and babycat LOVED it, they said he carried it around for a while lol! Also I get outta this "prison" next friday (I can't wait to see da kitty cat!) but I still won't be completely normal. Luckily my uncle knows a physical therapist who is going to help me out for free. Bc I can't go back to work until I can walk w/o help and all so the donation money that was raised for me will be used to feed & care for Monster & to pay cellphone & credit card bills. Another thing is I decided I'm going to sue the man who hit me to pay my sky high hospital bills and for pain and suffering, so the xtra money I get will b used to buy a vehicle and I am also going to college to become a vet. My bf says that's stupid cuz it can take me years to get an actual job but I don't care it will be very rewarding to me to b able to work w/ animals & save their lives! I can't wait!
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Glad to hear it won't be too long before you're out, sounds as if you've got a lot of positivity which certainly won't hurt your recovery! I'm glad the t-shirt worked, and it won't be long before you can give him a proper cuddle
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Oh that's so great! All of it! Please write once you're home and let us know how it's all going.
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Lol of course I'm gunna write on here when I get home n let u all know how big my baby got! They had me in a medically induced coma & as soon as I woke up the first thing I did was ask bout my cat & then I got out my phone & got on here to tell u guys what happened & asked ur advice bout my baby. Cuz if I have a ? Bout him I ask u guys & follow ur advice cuz u all know what ur talkin bout. Ill be on that comp the sec I get home cuz the phone isn't the same as a real computer.
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Holy cow!!

Sorry about your accident.

Glad you'll get to see your kitty soon.
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What a terrible thing to happen. Glad to hear that you'll be home in such a short time now. Give your kitty lots of hugs & kisses as I'm sure you will. Continued improvement & good luck.
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hey all i couldnt get on when i got home cuz it was a busy day but Monster was waiting for me at the window and he was very interested in my brace & crutches, then when the wheelchair that they are RENTING to me came he kept trying to mark it by scrating it and its vinyl or some thing so he cant destroy it cuz its going back after i dont need it. i scoopede him up and kissed him & hugged him so much that he was fighting to get away and i just let him go he wasnt too happy to see me
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Ha ha - don't take it personally, they're so weird! Probably the whole chair thing also smelled a bit strange, never mind that it wheels around indoors (watch out when you back up!), but I bet he'll come around fast!
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well he wound up sleepin with me all night and he kept jumping on my lap today purring and slept there. he leaves the chair alone now but dont worry the house is too small and crowded to use the wheelchair in the house its only for when we go places. i use crutches to get around the house now.
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Glad to hear he's back to being your buddy. It's odd how scent can confuse cats with each other, yet they seem to remember us more from sight and sound. Odd but a good thing.

Many for your healing and that this isn't going to impact your future. People often joke about feeling like they've "been hit by a truck", but you can actually say you have.
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