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Now I'm worried about FIV and F- LUK

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I took Bailey into the vet this morning to have her spayed. The vet is wonderful and also happens to be a friends of mine. As well as the standard pain meds (at least standard for her practice), she has recommended IV during surgery for an adult cat.

However, she also worried me a lot by recommending a blood screen before the surgery, for FIV and Feline Lukemia. I'm worried about the possibility that Bailey might have either of these, and also concerned that her partner did not do these tests the first day when I adopted Bailey and took her in for a check up. Thankfully, Sam has had full vaccines, so even if Bailey is sick, he should be protected from the short contact he has had with her.

I'll know later this morning the results of the blood work.
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I just went through the same thing with my new kitty who is sick with an URI, my vet told me felv/fiv virus only live in the air for 3 minutes or so, so unless they came in very close contact, you should be ok..

I have my new kitty isolated, when I first got her one vet (the one at the shelter) checked and said she was fine, one day later she was terribly sick, and has tapeworms. Now I am praying my other cats don't get sick, because although she is isolated, uri stay in the air and I live in a 41/2. She is getting better, so far so good, so I just keep hoping things will be fine.

It just bugs the crap out of me that some vets don't do complete checks, I woudn't have brought her home if I knew she was sick. The next vet also did the test felv/fiv when I brought her in sick and it was negative.
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I just got the all clear, and the surgery went well too. I am re-naming my vet "Dr. Prophet of Doom". However, I am glad that we did the tests, because I would not want to let something that serious go by with out knowing about it.
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that's great. Glad everything is ok.
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So am I. It's worrying, but really much better to know that the cat is healthy. Unfortunately, some vets simply don't test unless they suspect a problem. There's a couple in a German forum who had one cat, FIP negative, and adopted a shelter cat who was supposedly also FIP negative. The latter died of FIP a short time ago, and now the first cat is FIP positive. My vet tested Jamie for FIV, FLV and FIP when I first brought him in as a kitten, and then vaccinated him against the latter two. We don't have the new FIV vaccine here yet, though I probably wouldn't get him vaccinated against it anyway since he is neutered.
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I am glad that my vet is thorough. She said that she recommends blood tests for every adult stray that comes in. And for surgery, she asked if I wanted IV and something else, that is also something she recommends for adult spays. I said, whatever will help with the poor girl's comfort.

So this is an expensive trip, but I'll be happy to have a healthy spayed cat home.

Am I silly to want to go and visit after work today?
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no you are not silly, you just love and care for your cat! But I probably wouldn't go, because it's gonna make you and her want to come home. She is mostly sleeping anyways, let her get better, she will be back home soon!
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I'm taking the opportunity this evening to get the bathroom back into shape for an isolation room. Which mostly means vacuuming up the old cat litter that was strewn around the floor, doing a quick mop up, and moving her bed, food dishes and toys back in.

I plan to keep her away from Sam for another couple of days - he has started playing with her, but he plays kind of rough, so the poor girl needs some peace and quiet to heal. She may be unhappy, but she will be that much more prepared to get back into her "whole" house again when she is ready.
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good idea, I plan to do the same thing when I get my kitty spayed. They don't like the small room at first but, then they calm down and get used to it. My kitty is islolated in the bathroom too! (because she is sick)
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