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Goodbye girls, we already miss you.

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I had to have my 14 year old 'holstein kitty' Tuxie PTS Saturday. She has not been right for the last couple weeks, but I have not been able to squeeze any time out of my schedule to get her to my regular vet. When she crawled into the shower with me Saturday morning and sat there, under the spray, drinking from the tubwater I knew she needed attention.

I knew from nursing Bella (who crossed the Bridge last May) that she was likely in renal failure, but the blood panel confirmed the ER vet's suspicions that it was multiple organ failure, and hospitalization and IV fluids would likely only postpone the inevitable. So I did for Tuxedo what I could not do for Bella, and sent her to the Bridge as gently as possible.

Bella had always been slight and frail, so I didn't notice at first when she had gotten so thin and listless. But when she couldn't keep her morning 'gooshyfood' down, I knew it was her time, and called to make the appointment. But when I went to her favorite corner to gather her up a few hours later, she was not there, she was not anywhere in the house. She had somehow summoned the energy to go outside (through our pet door) and find a quiet corner of the world to die alone. I never have found her body, and that still grieves me, but I feel by giving Tuxie the peaceful departure I hadn't been able to give Bella, I've redeemed that.

Girls, I hope that by now you have resolved your differences (they always gave each other wide berth) and begun enjoying your new pain-free bodies. Wait for me, and for Pansy, Shadow and Midnight to join you. I hope you know I loved you the best I could.
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So sorry to hear about your cat Tuxie having to be pts
May she rest in peace & may she find Bella along the way
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I'm so sorry for the loss of your cat. Rest in Peace Tuxie.
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RIP Tuxie.
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Play hard at Rainbow Bridge, Tuxie!
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I'm so sorry for your loss. Rest in Peace Tuxie.
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So sorry about your Cats.
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I'm so sorry, Erica. I know this is a difficult time for you, but I'm really glad you can find solice in knowing that you did the best thing for Tuxedo.

Play with your sister Bella, perhaps for the first time, and watch over your Meowmy and all of your family here on earth.
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I am so sorry for your loss. RIP Tuxie
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I am so sorry about Bella. I had to make the same decision with my Stormy last month.

RIP sweet Bella
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RIP sweet girls.
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Poor baby, i'm so sorry

I'm sure Bella was waiting at the other side of the bridge to take her sister home

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Awww, I'm so sorry

May your girls rest in peace, and I am sure they are watching over you together
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May your sweet kitty rest in peace.
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good for you, for making that hardest of decisions! when our heads war with our hearts it's always so difficult! you know that Bella has forgiven you for wanting to keep her with you - Tuxie has told her that Bella made it possible for Tuxie to have an easier journey.
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Thank you all for your support. I did something I've never done before - I opted to have Tuxie privately cremated and returned to me. The ground is currently too frozen for burial, and I couldn't see just 'disposing' of her. I think I may take her to the cemetary in the spring to be with her dad (my step-dad, who passed away in '04; she was his cat in the beginning).

I have a couple pictures of Danica 'petting' Tux that I'm going to put in her baby book, so she'll remember her later too. Tux was always soooo patient w/Dani's erratic movements and tugging her tail.
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I am sorry for your loss. May your two cats rest in peace and harmony.
I would like to add more, but words are sometimes so powerless in times like this. My thought and prayers are with you in this difficult time of grief.

RIP Tuxie and Bella
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Ohh Im so sorry!! I know this is a hard time for you! They really do tell us when its time to go!!!

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RIP sweet Tuxie, I'm sure you and Bella will be wonderful friends at the Bridge.
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