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Morgan has a viral infection

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My poor little tortie kitten, over the weekend she started sneezing. Yesterday her eye was a little goopy, and when I woke up today her eye was glued shut. I came back from the vet not too long ago, and the vet says she almost definately has a viral infection-she thinks it might be herpes or a calicivirus. We have her on Clavamox liquid, an eye ointment, and something called "Viralys" that is supposed to help, but obviously you can't treat viruses very well. If she develops other symptoms she needs to go back, but otherwise has a recheck in 10 days. The vet said both viruses can cause blindness, so I'm hoping and praying the quick intervention will help. I already have battle wounds from giving the medications, haha.
Here is my baby...you can see how bad her eye is.
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Poor Baby! URIs can be really tough. Just make sure she is eating food and drinking water, which is really important. Note that if her eye still looks that bad in 10 days, there may be other medications she needs to mend. for feeling better.
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Awww, poor baby! Sending lots of healing vibes her way!
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Poor baby. Good job getting her in right away. Even if she has problems with that one eye at least you caught it quick before it spread to both. I have seen eyes much worse than that at the shelter. I'm sending many big vibes that she gets better quickly.

Just an FYI, if she refuses to eat try some chicken baby food. (make sure there is no onion.) My Jordan has feline Herpes, and when he flares up that is all he will eat.
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