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Ear Problem

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I noticed a few days ago that Sylvie was holding her ear low, today I checked it with a flash light and her outer ear, the closest point to her head, is swollen, and there is a dark waxy buildup on top of the swelling.
I made an appointment for the vet, Saturday. But until then I was wondering if anyone know what this could be??
I've been looking for pictures of cat ear infections online but so far have come up with nothing..I hope it's nothing serious.
I checked Iz and Comet and their ears are clear, so hopefully that rules out ear mites..
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Probably just earmites or a wax build up. It is important to check your cats ears occasionally and use a tissue to gently wipe out the ear ever once in awhile esp if u notice it getting dirty. If it is mites the vets will give you meds for that. If it is just wax, you can ask for a general ear wash that you would just put a few drops in and rub it around and then wipe it back out and let the cat shake its head.
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So, is it pretty common for a cats ear to swell just from wax buildup??
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My girls have chronic dirty/waxy ears that will build up if I don't clean them weekly. There have been times where I've missed a cleaning and there was lots of dirt, BUT, never any swelling! Has she been scratching alot?
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It swells from the constant scratching. It is itchy and irritated.
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Do you notice any unusual smell coming from the ear? One of my cats had an ear infection not too long ago (which I had thought was just ear mites), but it turned out to be an infection, which produced an unusual odor. If there is an odor, it's probably an infection of some kind, which can be treated. I think your best bet is to keep the vet appointment, to make sure it isn't anything serious.


BTW, when Maverick had his ear infection, there was some swelling, and the ear was also red & irritated from him scratching at it...
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There is a butterscotch smell coming from her ears..she only itches it when you mess with it, she really does not want it to be touched
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I just had Bella at the vet's Friday with her ear. She has a yeast infection in her ear and it required prescription ear drops.

Her symptoms were the same as your kitty's. I'd definitely keep the vet appointment.
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i used some mineral oil and cleaned her ear..looks like a scratch from a fight that hasn't healed...
A few weeks ago there was a big old tom cat running around the neighborhood, 10 bucks says she went after him...
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