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Bad news!

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I posted a thread days here a few days ago saying that my Sister was pregnant. Unfortunately, last night just before 10pm, she came downstairs to us saying that she was in a lot of pain, and she had started bleeding....

Her boyfriend escorted her to the hospital, and she was kept in overnight. We received a phone call just before midnight to say that she had suffered a miscarriage...both of them were in tears...and those of us at home felt upset too.

I can't believe that she has suffered so much these past few hours, and it's gonna be a few days before she wants to talk to us about it..

Please send some healing vibes for her, I shall be so grateful! Thanks guys

Rest In Peace Little One You never got a chance to experience Life to the full
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That your sis gets through this heartbreaking time. For the little one who was called back to God andfor your family be strong for her.
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I am so sorry. Sending good vibes and thoughts to your sister and your family.
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Oh no! So sorry to hear about your sisters miscarriage...
They are in our thoughts during this very tough time
Unlimited healing & caring for your sister & her boyfriend.
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Oh no!! That is terrible. Many to you and your sister and her b.f.

RIP lil one......
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I'm so sorry. Sending lots of healing vibes for your sister.

Rest in peace little one.
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Oh no. I'm so sorry!
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I'm so sorry to hear such sad news. I know it's of little comfort, but God must have had a reason for bringing the little one back home.

RIP, precious baby.

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Prayers for her and her family
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Oh, I am so sorry..many prayers going to your sister and the family
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Oh Im so sorry!! This is a very difficult time for your sister, just be there for her, she'll let you know when she's ready to talk about it!! Losing a baby is one of the hardest things she will ever go through!!
Good MEGA healing For your sister and family

RIP Precious Baby
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am sorry to hear! i know how she feel's, i've been through the same situation. it took me a while to get over it, eventually you do get over it. everyone just need's to be strong/& there for her
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I must be different, I never got over mine! It got easier to deal with, but I always think of what could have been!! So sorry to all those who have been through this...
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I am so sorry your sister lost her baby...
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Originally Posted by glitch View Post
I must be different, I never got over mine! It got easier to deal with, but I always think of what could have been!! So sorry to all those who have been through this...
yeh, i always think about it, just not enough for it to control my life. it's always going to be there the pain is no matter what
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I know exactly how you feel. Last Feb. 16th, my cousin and his wife lost their 6 month-old son,Jacob, due to a fatal birth-defect. Jacob was born with a hole in his diaphragm causing his intestines, liver and kidney into his chest cavity. His heart and his lungs because severely weak and damaged. He had countless surgeries, including a treck because he lost the ability to breath. He fought valiantly but his heart was just too damaged. He spent his entire 6 months of life in the NICU, he never got to go home.

After Jacob died, my cousin and his wife continued to be foster parents. They really fell in love with one of their foster sons, who was addicted to drugs and alcohol when he was born. Just before his adoption became finalized, the foster sons mother claimed him back. My cousin and wife felt like they had lost another son.

About 4 months a go my cousins wife became pregnant again. We were all so excited because they had lost SO much in the past year. Last week, my cousins wife ended up having a miscarriage too. We are all devastated. They can never seem to catch a break when it comes to having children, which is their biggest desire. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this difficult time.
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Thank you so much for your kind words everyone. She is feeling a bit better today, her work and a close friend of hers sent her a huge bunch of flowers each this evening, and she has cheered up...I'm glad to say that she is on the mend slowly, but she will get there with our help

Thanks again!
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