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Izzy's laundry room problem.

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Izzy is a good kitty, only ever had one accident at my old apartment, but since we've moved to the new apartment she's found a spot in the laundry room where she likes to do her business. She still uses her litter box which I keep in the bathroom but she will use the laundry room at least twice a week. Her litter box is perfectly fine, it seems like its just the spot she is in when nature calls determines where she does her business.

How can I stop her from using the Laundry room and only use her litter box?
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I first suggest getting her vet checked to rule out a UTI. Better safe than sorry.

Make sure you clean the area with an enzymatic cleaner like Nature's Miracle (I even do this on linoleum).

Then I'd set up an extra litterbox where she is going in the laundry room. Inconvenient? Yes. But it might work.
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What exactly is she going on in the laundry room? Clothes? Bare floor? Carpet?

Is she only doing one or the other or both (urinating and defecating)?
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I would get the vet check-up just to be sure there's not a problem (not using the litter box is often the first sign of illness).

Then I'd go with the enzymatic cleaner suggestion. Maybe there was a cat or dog or something there before you, and the smell is bothering her enough she wants to cover it up with her scent. The only way to clean it up to her sensitive nose is the enzymatic cleaner.

If you have a throw rug down there, it could be the backing on it (if it's a rubber type of backing). If that's the case, and she's not ill - replace it with one that has no backing to it.

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Oh wow!

I never even thought of that! Thats where the old cat's litter box was! So she will actually go there on perpose to cover up the scent? I'll have to run to Walmart tomorrow to pick up the cleanser
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