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My cranky-pants cat!

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Stumpy is so funny when she gets annoyed! Our wardrobe has 3 sliding doors, and Stumpy knows that if she pushes the middle door with her head she can push it open and get inside. Last night she tried this, only the door was further to the side than usual.

She pushed, but not enough.

She pushed again, and she could just fit her nose in.

So she pushed one more time but it still wasn't enough to get in - she could fit her mouth in and that was it. Well, by this time she was pretty cranky and was flicking her little stump like mad, so shoved her mouth in the crack and started biting the door!

It was so funny! I yelled at her to stop and realised that the marks on the door aren't from her claws, but probably from previous times she's gotten annoyed and bitten the door!
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Well done Stumpy!!

(I'm trying to picture her stump waving like mad! )
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Oh Stumpy! Tell your Meowmy to leave the door open for you so that you can fit in! *ducks*
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haha, what a smart girl!

We have a no closed door policy here. Even if the cats aren't inside the closet, cupboard, room etc, the door has to be open. If it's closed either one will go and paw at it and meow and dig at the floor until I go and open it. They don't even go inside to have a look. After it's open they just walk away!
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