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Wednesday DT

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How are you all! I feel like I have a hangover (i didnt drink last night!) I feel like this when I havent had enough sleep - last night I went to a friends house for scrapbooking and we ended up talking more than working on the scrapbook. I only did one side of the page But it looks great! I love it! Jake joined me and was really into it, and I was proud of him - the woman who is teaching us said that she wished her hubby was like that, interested in this.
The woman is the new mum of Penka who has now been renamed Snow White. Penka is looking great and happy - she has established herself as the boss over her dogs LOL
When we came home last night, we discovered that Kahu has learned how to get up on the counter somehow and he was playing with the salt shaker and now theres salt all over the floor - it feels as if I keep sweeping, theres still salt there! Leave that cat home alone for a few hours and he wreaks havoc! Little brat! But we love him anyway!
I hope everyone has a great hump day!
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I'm worried about Bailey, I posted in Health and Nutrition. She's being spayed today. I'll know at 11:00 whether I should continue to worry.
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Good luck, but I'm sure she'll be fine, Sammie.

Kellye, sounds like you had a really good time... wish I could scrapbook, but I don't think I have the patience.
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Hi, y'all. Slept a little later, this morning. When I stumbled out to the patio, for a cigarette, I was confronted with an awful mess. I'm used to the patio chairs being knocked about but the dogs really went to town, this morning: my ashtray was dumped, a "No Trespassing" sign had blown off of the fence and was chewed to pieces and, just as I stepped out, Pearl managed to dump the water pan on my foot. I'm considering Valium - one for each dog and the rest of the bottle for me.

We had rain, most of the night but the clouds are breaking up, now. Hope it dries out - my arthritis is making it's presence known.

Otherwise, it'll be the same old nothing day.

Happy hump day!
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Cindy...slept in a little this morning huh? *geesh* and you went to bed at 8:30pm! You should be well rested today!

Well....I am here to officially tell everyone......I AM SICK!!!!! My nose is running, I have been sneezing all morning, my throat is sore and I have a headache. Oh yeah.....and I am coughing in between the sneezes. ummmm....I think that's it for now. *sigh*

Hope you all have a great day.

I have to get back to work and I'll check in later.

Hey....has anyone located Ady??? Is she on vacation???? Just wondering. She's being too quiet!

Sammie.....I'm sure your kitty will be fine but I know how worrysome that is. Let us know the outcome.

Kellye, I am so glad you had fun. Seeing Penka must have been great!

WillieWZ...scrapbooking is fun but, like you say, it takes lots of patience but it's worth the finished product. I have 2 on the go. Guess that says it all though....can't seem to complete one!! :LOL:
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kellye - glad you had a good time.

ghys - sorry you are sick.

cindy - have your animals been having wild parties?!

willie - how is you paper going?

sammie - we're pulling for him. hope he's okay!

i have very little focus today. i really need to try to get more organized at work.

um okay. i forgot what i was saying. i'm trying to do paperwork and write this message.

nothing really going on today. hope everyone has a great day!
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Everything is fine, thank goodness. The blood tests were clear, she is already out of surgery and waking up. I was a worried kitty mom for a couple of hours there.

Oh, and the vet said that her uterus was really stretched - must have been those 10 kittens she had before Christmas! And she has a "layer of sub - q fat" as she put it, so we're sticking with the diet food for another month or so! However, the good news is that she already lost 1 pound in the past month since I got her.

All we're waiting for now is testing for worms, but with the possibility of something way worse on my mind for the morning, that would be such a minor thing I am not even concerned.
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YAY! I'm jumping for joy for you, Sammie!
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that is wonderful news! im sooo glad for bailey! kiss and scritch her for me when she gets home!!!
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YAY!!!! Sammie I am so happy for you and Bailey!
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Well my hair is red and we found a house in Monterey!

We're moving out of the city this weekend, and I'm hoping all goes well. Definitely nothing like signing a lease on Tuesday to move in on Friday! I'm working today but then will be home until next Tuesday. I'm also loving part-time hours, I knew it would be good, but didn't realize it would be THIS great to stay home so much! Course I may go stircrazy once the move is over and it's all quiet again. But that's when you guys will keep me entertained, right?!

Hope you sick folk start getting better! Seems like someone is always getting sick here - what is the deal?! Better not pass it along to me now!

Glad everything went well Sammie!
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Hows everyone doing today? I've been enjoying my first 3 days of no more work. Although, it does get quite boring sometimes.

But, the good news is that I've been applying for some jobs and I have 2 interviews set up for tomorrow and there will probably be another interview lined up in about a week or so!!! Yeah! Wish me luck everyone! The 3 receptionist positions that I interviewed for the past couple of weeks, I didn't get. Thats ok, I guess. I'll just have to continue my hunt!

Hubby and I leave for TX on Friday. We are going Fri-Sun for his niece's and nephew's baptisms. That should be a lot of fun. The whole extended family will be there, so I'll get to meet some more new relatives. And hopefully get a tan while I'm down there!

Hope everyone has a great day! :daisy:
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Is there a bug going around TCS? Make sure your anti-virus is up to date everyone.... :tounge2:

It's another busy work day for me - getting both the tcs and meowhoo newsletter ready for the coming weekend. If you're not subscribed yet - you better hurry up - lots of goodies coming in the March editions. I think we have both ready now so I'm working on getting Friday's lesson ready. This Friday we're talking about cat communication (including a bit about marking behavior - guess you could say I'm up to my ears in cat urine ) , cat senses, territory, temperaments and then the other half of the day we'll talk about feline nutrition and food related behaviors. Phew - lots of talking

Hope you have a great day everyone. Sammie - I'm glad the spaying went well! Ghys - get better soon!
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Busy day for everyone! Kellye, I'm so glad Penka, er, Snow White is settled into her new home and a happy kitty. It must be nice to be able to see her sometimes too!

I'm glad Bailey came out of her spay OK. Wow, 10 kittens! No wonder she needs to lose weight. Gosh, if it's hard for a woman to lose weight after one child, imagine 10!!!!

Ghys, you take care of yourself! Just hang out here with us all day and don't overdo it.

Sunni Jean and Spooky, enjoy your time off! I can only dream about working part time like you Sunni. At least you will be able to organize your new home in a decent amount of time. Nearly impossible when you're working full time. Good luck with those interviews Spooky!

Jan, I'm having a day like that too. Just can't concentrate on anything. I went to a concert last night, Dokken, Whitesnake (and Scorpions but we left before they came on) and it was so good! Whitesnake was great, and I can't believe David Coverdale still has the same vocal range that he did in the 80s. So I'm a little hoarse today and pretty tired too. Hubby thinks he's sick, so I have a whiney man to go home to. And apparently Trent took advantage of us being gone last night to munch down some string, so I'm pretty worried about him today. He had a hairball last night and I can see some of the string in that (not that I was digging!), but I don't know really how much string he ate or how much is in the oop. Hubby is supposed to keep and eye on him today, but I'm not counting on that, and I can't stay home with him.
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Heidi - a quick question - what does valan mean or stand for?
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Valan is the name of the main character in the novel I wrote a long time ago, and keep planning on re-writing one of these days. I liked the name and the character so much I made her my online personna.
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Ghys - I saw you got a new bathtub last night! Guess the bath didn't help....

I'm feeling better today, but taking it kind of easy. I'm glad I started anitbiotics early!

YAY BAILEY!!!! I'm so glad she's spayed and that everything is OK.

Cindy - heard about the storms. I'm glad there wasn't more damage.

Jan - it's one of those days. Wish someone could send you balloons or something fun!

Sunni Jean - 1/2 way there, right? Next step blonde? So... does this mean you're going to close on the house? Or you just found one you liked? Either way, congrats!

Spooky - sending you BEST WISHES and I'll keep you in my thoughts tomorrow! :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: Have fun in TX - hope you get lots of sunshine!

Kellye - This is when the sign for "NO" becomes so important!!! Shelly KNOWS he is not allowed on the counter. Every night, when they wake up for their 4:00 romp, what do we find? Shelly on the counter. And he KNOWS "NO" - but does he care? Not until we start to get out of bed (don't forget - we're in an RV, so you can see the kitchen from the bedroom). Then the darn boy jumps down. BAD KITTY. At least we've remembered to put away the paper towels every night this week.

Heidi - glad you had fun last night!! SOrry to hear about Trent, though. We just went through that with Shelly. We never saw the string pass, but he's fine. I hope all will be well with your baby.
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We just got a soaking rain. The snow level was 6000 feet - no problem, here. The only "damage" is two wet, smelly, muddy dogs and a muddy patio. We got a shower, about 12:30, this afternoon and those two doofusses were out romping in the rain.

I LOVE the smell of wet dog, in the morning!
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Speaking of weather! Anne!!!! Wow.....snow in Israel? Did I hear it right on the news. It's the first time it snows there in over 50 years? Did you take baby Ron out to play??? I would love to see that caught on film!

Well....Laurie, yeah....I did take a bath. Hubby was such a sweetheart. Gotta love him...... Our tub is not even hooked up yet. He literally tore our bathroom apart saturday and we have not had a bath since. Anyhooooo.......last night, he finally got the bath level and screwed it into it's proper place (I had no idea baths needed to be screwed to the wall. Our old one didn't but this fibreglass one does). He got the piping ready and then said that if I wanted, he would rig something up so I could take a bath. I said "YES!" and jumped for joy at the thought of soaking in a tub! He attached a hose to the cold water pipe first and filled the tub part way and then did the same with the hot water. He was beaming with pride when he discovered there were no leaks in any of the pipes (he's not a plumber so this is quite the accomplishment for him). I was able to relax in my new tub. Tonight, I think he is going to continue the hook up and hopefully everything will be funcional soon! Not are right though, a hot bath probably did not help my case. My chest is on fire right now and my throat aches....*sniff*
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Laurie - I went from my natural dark brown/black to blonde (bleached my whole head!) then to red less than 24 hours later! Red is the finale, and the blonde intermission did not look good! :tounge2: The red is just ok, a little bright, but everyone tells me it the brightness will fade in a few days.

For the house - I only wish we were buying one, we're just renting. I've been making such a big deal about it I can see how you thought we were buying! Sorry! I've just been extremely stressed because we had no place to go, and we have to be out of our house this weekend. But now it's alright, and a few more days of packing and I'll be home free! Hopefully the change from a big city to a small coastal town won't be too hard now!

Btw, Ghys - I baths! I've only recently come to appreciate them, but boy when I get in the tub I never want to get out!
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Not much going on today,except I went out and got a perm,looks pretty,if I must say so myself.It got up to 29 today a heat wave!I soooooooooooooo hate winter! Everyone have a good night.
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woohoo! heidi! i love the scorpions. sorry you had to miss them. i like whitesnake a lot, too. i'm glad you explained your name. i've always wondered what it stood for, also. very cool.

ghys - yay! bath! hope you start feeling better!

laurie - glad you are feeling some better.

anyone heard from kass? she must be feeling pretty bad!

well, ed's day went all to heck. i decided that i needed to get him checked, because he hadn't had a check up since i got him a year ago. and on top of that, he's been doing his scootie thing which i usually take care of myself (i'm not going into that, because i'm sure you know what i mean.) but it didn't work the way it usually does. so it was vet time for him.

i took him to the animal welfare center clinic, because it's reasonable and reliable. unfortuantely i went on one of the busiest days they've had in a long time. i guess it was spay and neuter clinic day -- oops. so poor bubby, he not only had to ride in his new carrier in the car (he hates the car), he had to sit for over 2 hours in a waiting room packed with a bunch of silly dogs. AND THEN somebody had the nerve to poke him with a finger you know where AND stick him with a sharp object THREE TIMES!

now poor bubby has to sit by my desk at work and be patient while i make up for some of the time i missed this afternoon. people have tried to comfort him, but nothing doing. apparently only i can touch. the others might put their fingers "there", you know!
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sunni jean - congrats on the red. i have tried to enhance mine a few times and it does take a few days to fade.
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Oh, Poor Little Ed!! He's just not that kind of kitty, is he! The nerve of someone to put a finger THERE! He deserves some lovin's after a day like that.

I was planning on staying for at least part of the Scorpions, but hubby was getting sick so he wanted to leave. That and I had to get up early for work, it was snowing really bad and the roads were horrible, etc. etc. etc. We got comp'ed the tickets, so I couldn't complain too much. I've seen the Scorpions before, and while I like them I can only take so much of Klaus' squeaky voice. It grates on me after about 1/2 hour.
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LOL! i forgot how sqeaky his voice was. i just wish somebody could tell me what the heck they are saying in the song "still lovin' you". all i can make it is bits of the chorus!
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