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I have a "wallet" IN my pocketbook! DH says its a purse, not a pocketbook - but he's not gonna get me to change - I changed the "soda" to "pop" but not this.

Y'all can call it a purse - to me a purse is something smaller you hold in your hand - not carry on your shoulder or has handles
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I have a purse and a wallet, though the wallet stays in the purse! I only have one at a time of each, which really sucks when one breaks! (as did my purse yesterday) so I got a new one.
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I always carry a purse, and I'm another who has dozens and dozens of them. My favorite is the genuine Dooney & Burke bag I got for being at my job for 15 years. I don't think I would have ever spent that much of my own money on a purse, but a designer handbag was way better than a set of crystal candlesticks!
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for me a purse

& i have way too many to count
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fanny pack here
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I have 4-5 purses... and 2 wallets. The one wallet is for when I do my internship time at the hospitals or with the fire dept. Its easy to carry and easy to wash... (you never know what the day will bring...)
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1 wallet and 1 backpack = 0 style
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Originally Posted by sharky View Post
fanny pack here
Snicker snicker - that means something completely different in Australia! We'd call that a bum bag.
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I have an obsession with Coach handbags (I buy them on e-Bay).....I'm up to 9 of them now. I guess I need to start selling some of them, lol! And I have a bunch of Stone Mountain ones....maybe 5 or 6. And a couple dozen other ones. Hmmmm....I have nearly as many purses as I have pairs of shoes....

DON'T call me Imelda!
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Originally Posted by katiemae1277 View Post
Here's your Monday question from Rigel!

- In order of TCS the majority of the members are women, this question goes focus to all of you girls!..
DO you like to wear a Wallet for woman instead a Purse? Or you prefer to use a Purse? many Wallets or purses do you have? ….

I personally like to have a purse I can throw a bunch of stuff into it but then I don't really carry my purse very often I put things in my pocket most of the time
Plus, I think sitting on a wallet would feel really weird!!
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