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Fussy eater

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My little guy Dante seems to be quite a fussy eater. I haven't watched him closely yet, but I think he just licks all the gravy off the meat chunks when I put food out, then Evey comes along and eats all of her portion and a bit of his. How should I deal with that? Try other brands? I'm wary of the supermarket brands though because I've heard they have a lot of sugar in them, and my options are kinda limited.

Also, both of them fling their Iams kibble all over the floor rather than eating it, and scrape the floor with one paw around their tinned food dish when they're finished eating... O_o Are they trying to hide their leftovers?
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Have you tried Marks and Spencers own brands?, because some of them are organic and mine love them. Hi-Life Petite Pate is a good one as well.

The scraping the floor thing is when their burying their food, because my Jack does. They also drop their kibbles and food on the floor as well, messy monkeys
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Hadn't thought of looking in M&S, I'll give that stuff a go. Bit tricky getting to one on a regular basis though.
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Heres the link to Hi-Life products that you can buy from supermarkets. Their a lot more expensive that the likes of Whiskas etc... but that's because they contain more fish and meat


This one i bought last week and they love it!!

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