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Litter tray question

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One of my cats seems to go for hours without having to go to the loo, but he doesn't really like the litter tray and tends to go outside. The other cat seems to be in there every hour, sometimes he barely does anything. My husband says it might be because I clean it out too often and he's trying to scent the tray, but I'm not sure. I didn't think cats liked dirty litter trays.

Has anyone got any ideas?
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It's true that cats don't like dirty litter trays. I am assuming when you say outside, you mean outdoors in the yard. There are some cats who have been going to the bathroom outdoors since they were little, and prefer to use the great outdoors. Some of them will only use a litter tray when it's a last resort. Since he uses the outdoors to go to the bathroom, its hard foryou to check on his habits. I would set up an appt with the vet and have them check his urine. When they urinate in small amounts, it can mean an infection or blockage. I would get a medical okay, and then gp from there.
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Most of my cats urinate only twice a day!

I am a bit worried about you cat who pees frequently...it sure sounds like a urinary tract infection or blockage. Please note that blockages can very quickly become fatal. Please take your cat to the vet right away.
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I am also more worried about the one who uses the box so frequently. If the other is an outdoors cat and uses the outdoors, but not the indoors very often, that is fairly normal.

I have a cat who does use the box more then average, but he is definetly not in there every hour! Are you sure he is peeing and not pooing everytime he goes in there?

Are they all healthy weights, as in not fat, and do you free feed them? As I've noticed some cats who are free fed, eat many small meals througout the day and then use the litter box more in turn.
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Every hour???

I would definitely watch the kitty each time he heads in there. Watch whether he actually pees or poos. If nothing occurs and kitty is straining, take him to the vet ASAP!!! That signals something is wrong internally like a urinary tract infection or a blockage.

The other one sounds 'normal'. He just prefers to go outdoors, though will grudgingly use the litter tray as a last resort. Do you have the one litter tray or two? I provide my two cats with two litter trays, one simply isn't enough.
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Thanks for your replys everyone - Jimmy was at the vets recently because of a problem with his throat (which is now sorted) and they checked him out and said he was ok. They're not sure why he does it.

The vets keep a good eye on him because he nearly died when he was a kitten, due to a hole in his bladder, which caused infection to his insides. Anyway, he managed to pull through (he's got a lot of spirit ) and is now doing fine.

Sometimes when Jimmy goes into the litter tray, he just acts as though he's weeing normally (no straining or anything) then when he gets out, there's barely anything there.

There is only one litter tray, but both cats go out at night and do any pooing outside - the tray is there for them when they're in during the day and I clean it out as soon as I know there's something in it.

Maybe he just likes going in there for some reason he has always been a little bit behind, bless him
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