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N E 1 got a clue?

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Not looking for a diagnosis but some hints would be nice on something i could do to not feel this way. I have been sick since last night, i feel like someone tied me in a knot threw me against the wall, stuck me in the oven then the freezer. I had my flu shot earlier in the year. But now i am having sevear body aches, fever around 101, headache, chills, and you dont wanna know what else. Plus my emotions are out of whack, my grandpa's house burned earlier tonight, he passed on a few years ago but its still a place for memories, so on top of being sick i am sad too. But does anyone have any home remedies or suggestions that might help me feel a little better and maybe get some sleep??
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Wow, I'm not a doctor, but that sounds pretty flu-ey to me. I would probably try drinking lots of fluids, eat some saltines, and take aspirin (if you're over 18) or ibuprofen. With the fever, I would especially get in touch with the doctor on call at your doctor's office and see what dosages you can take to help you feel better.
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When we get sick like that, the key is to make sure the fever doesn't get too high for too long. Ibuprofin will help. Also, nibble on saltines so you aren't starving, drink clear lquids (water, sprite, etc), get lots and lots of rest. Could you curl up on the sofa, pop in a DVD you don't mind nodding off to, have layers of blankets so you can have less when you are too warm and more when you're cold?

Sending big hugs Being sick is so miserable add in sadness and that makes it altogether worse. Here are some get well vibes
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thanks you guys.
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Caught that the week before last, it's either a respiratory virus or the flu. So far for me it's turned into a sinus infection and has effected my lungs some (causing bad shortness of breath and a cough that won't go away). I had to get antibiotics...

The fever should pass but if it feels like it's moving into your chest go to your doctor.
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