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Do you have a furry shadow?

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Stumpy lacks the ability to play independently, because that means she can't follow me around. So today I sat with her in our spare room which is pretty much empty at the moment and has become the kitty room - I threw a bunch of cat toys in there for them.

She had a great time playing, pretty much on her own, happy that I was there. As soon as I went downstairs, she raced down after me, and I sat on the couch, and she jumped up next to me purring at me. It's oh so cute, but I wish she'd just go and play on her own!
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Faith is my furry shadow...she will follow me pretty much anywhere in the house, especially if I have been gone for a few hours! She is also ever perching on the back of my rocking chair, watching me type!Lol! Course, sometimes she tries to compute, herself, which doesn't usually go so well!Haha!
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Blossom follows me around, not up so close always, but usually in the same room I'm in.
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Blossom is usually in the same room I'm in, unless she's asleep on my bed.
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Ah yes, Miss Bella must must must occupy my lap at all possible times. If I am cooking she needs to be on the kitchen chair behind me and poke me in the back until I acknowledge her.

She does play by herself and with Stanley, but she will stop anything if one of us sits down within eyeshot.

I'm sure it has something to do with her last people abandoning her...we have lots of people-guided play time here (laser, da bird...) and very active bird watching windows, so I don't think she's bored, just needy.
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Yes i've got three. They can be sleeping like babies on the sofa beside me, but the minute i go upstairs to the bathroom their there
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Beauty follows me around all over the house! If I'm in one room and she can't find me she panics.
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Oh yeah, I have one too....bless her, she follows me around all the time and if I slip out of a room without her knowing, she comes through the house calling until I answer her and she comes running. It's cute except I feel bad if she was eating and leaves her food or interrupts a good nap.
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Dr. D Claw is our shadow. We joke that he has reactive attachment disorder because he constantly needs reassurance that he's loved. As I type this he's laying next to my hand. Purring.
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Yes, Bayley! He is constantly by my side! I adore it though & wouldn't have it any other way
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Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
Yes i've got three. They can be sleeping like babies on the sofa beside me, but the minute i go upstairs to the bathroom their there
what is it about bathroom trips that they find so interesting? shinobi will scratch at the door to be let in and will also insist on walking around the edge of the bath when i'm in there. despite having fallen in twice now!
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If Hennessy isn't near me it's because he accidently got locked in the bedroom again (I leave the door open for him, but sometimes he shuts it... )
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Arwen is my shadow, each time I go upstairs she is there! And Shark follows me down the road so far when I'm walking to the shops to make sure I'm alright
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Butzie likes to follow me and be in the same room when she wants to, although I can call her from wherever she is and she comes running - and meowing!
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It's amazing to discover what personalities they have. 4 weeks into this, and Lena has become my shadow. She follows me everywhere (right....the bathroom seems to be an extremely fascinating place). But she always sits far enough away so that if I come toward her, she'll scatter. She just always needs to keep her eye on me. It's very funny and sort of sweet.

Last night she actually let me pet her for about 5 minutes, purring really loudly and arching her back. This was after I had her eating dry food right out of my hand.

Maybe she's following me because she can't figure out how to get more food.
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One of my cats is attached to my thigh about 50% of the time The other one likes to stay in the bedroom and come out periodically to say hello.
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Tailer always has to keep an eye on me. He doesn't need to be touching me, and, in fact, prefers DH's lap to mine, but he's got to be able to watch what I'm doing at all times. If DH and I are in separate rooms for too long, Tailer will come and yell at one of us to go near the other one.
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Sometimes Levi follows me around. Of coarse since I am only a human, I am not capable of going to the bathroom by myslef. It apparently requires a minimum of 2 feline assitants. Sometimes I need the help of all 4.
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Originally Posted by Rang_27 View Post
Sometimes Levi follows me around. Of coarse since I am only a human, I am not capable of going to the bathroom by myslef. It apparently requires a minimum of 2 feline assitants. Sometimes I need the help of all 4.

That's hilarious!
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Awww! Cute Stumpy! She's definitely Meowmy's girl

Abby is my shadow. She will play a little on her own if I'm in the room with her, but as soon as I leave she's right behind me too.

Chynna is also not an independant kitty. She loves to be "interactive" with me. However, with her when I stop playing, she will lay there and take a nap. The only time she will follow me is when it's dinner time and she thinks I'm heading to the kitchen, or at bedtime when I turn out the lights. She runs ahead and practically trips me in her rush to get up on the bed
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Quill knows ten minutes before that I'm coming home. Then he's usually sitting or sleeping beside me on the floor, even if I have a comfy cat bed for him in the corner.

So yes, he's my shadow.
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My girls tend to take turns being my shadow. If I'm in the room with both of them, they'll spend that time playing with eachother.
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my little Cillian would be lost without me... He is with me at ALL times.

When I go outside, he sits on the window and watchs, when I go in the computer room, he curls up outside the door. When I'm on the couch, he's on my lap. When I'm in the kitchen, hes running between my legs. No matter where I go, he goes.

He HAS to know where I am at all times...He is certainly a mommas boy...
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At home I have three shadows who constantly go wherever I go. Olivia usually sits on my lap or on the back of my chair. Toby and Maggie, the dogs are never more than a foot away. I call them my satellites.
My shadow at the barn is much larger and pinto colored. He is always within easy reach and very helpful with the chores.
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Zoe is my shadow, but she doesn't like being touched most of the time. She will just follow me happily and cry if she can't be in the same room as me, but as soon as I try to pet her, she'll run away! Ten seconds later she is back...She's just so cute!

And I really have to say this: Sarahp, you have the nicest siggy I've ever seen! I want one just as pretty and funny!!!
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My 9 month-old cat Ripley is the biggest shodow there is. My family and I nick-name her puppy because she follows us like a lost puppy. Ripley is a quiet shadow though. She doesn't demand attention but when you give her attention, she is in heaven. Ripley also LOVES cuddleing on my lap in the evenings. She doesn't cuddle with anyone else as much, in fact she just jumped on my lap as I started this reply. There is a song by Snow Patrol called chasing Cars. My sister has always pictured the song to be about a dog and his or her human (pay close attention to the words and you can tell how that can work out.) Since Ripley has become our puppy, that song has become Ripleys theme song (except when the words say Chasing Cars we say Chasing Balls.) The song is a PUURRRfect fit to how Ripley is. If you are laying down she comes to you and lays next to you to be petted.

My 7 month-old cat Cali also is a shadow but she DEMANDS attention. Cali HATEs when people close the door, especially when people are in the bathroom. She cries and tries to open the door. When the door opens she either walks away or races to the person and continues to cry until you pick her up. Other times Cali will walk away from a person and go to another room and start crying. She cries until te person goes picks her up. It is wierd for her to be crying when she is the one who walked away. Oh well, life with Cali is never boring and life with Ripley is never lonely.
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