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A step up from Purina Naturals?

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So I'm currently feeding my two tabbies Purina Naturals food. I picked it mostly because it doesn't have any of that nasty animal by-product stuff in it, and because the protein level is decent; but...


I'm a convenience store cashier now; and I can afford milk and eggs and sometimes a meal out, instead of relying on the food pantry. So I and the kitties will finally be eating better.

What's a step up? I still can't afford ultra-premium stuff or raw meat... but I'm pretty sure I can do better than this.

By the way, the food that the cats like also seems to be the cat food that smells good to me!--coincidence?
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Chicken soup

Max cat

In some area Solid gold and Felidea

the top two for a mid size bag range 8-16$( 6-10lbs )
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naturals for the price is very good maybe add in some wet food???
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Well...Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's soul is a really good kitty food; and I think it is one of the cheaper 'premium' cat foods. Felidae is also relatively cheap.

Dr's Foster and Smith have some foods that might be worth a try too...

My dogs are currently on the Chicken and Rice brand of the F\\S food...they have been doing really well on doesn't have corn or wheat, or any of that stuff in it...I imagine the cat food is the same quality. I got mine at Target, actually, but I am not sure where else you can get it...My dogs have had no more waste on this food than they did on Chicken Soup brand. So I may stick with it for a while, and see how they do for the 'long term'...but I don't know...I may go back to Chicken Soup's easier to hand feed, cause the kibbles are bigger!!!!Lol!!!!
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Ones I can think of:

Diamond Naturals (Active Cat would be good for them, I feed it to my 6 downstairs & all the farm kitties)
Chicken Soup
MAX Cat/Nutro
Natural Life (Wal Mart's brand)
Premium Edge

I can get Eagle Pack at the same price as Nutro Indoor big bags. Ummm....I'm not familiar with Precise, but it is cheap-ish. Not sure on quality, though.
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Yeah... wet food would be good; I give them Aldi's store brand food for treats but I know better than to give it to them for meals!! Any recommendations for wet?
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are you looking UTI friendly>>???
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I don't have any food tips - just wanted to say congrats on the job! This has to be such a financial relief
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Mine love Innova canned food...but that is probably a bit pricey for's like a buck and some change for a small can!Haha...

Ummm...I'm not very 'versed' in canned kitty foods, but I stick with Innova, cause I have never been dissatisfied with it yet.

I think Felidae has canned food. Not sure on the prices

Nutro Max has canned foods as well...again, not sure on the prices.
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I was just in a coupla pet stores today. I know Nutro MAX is relatively cheap....I think $.75 for a 5.5 oz can. I didn't look at Chicken Soup as mine don't like it.

You can also consider buying the 13 oz cans & refrigerating what they don't eat right away.
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The NaturaLife from walmart has canned for that has pretty good ingredients! Its .79 cents a can so its not bad! Mine like that better than the Nutro Max wet Ive been feeding them, and the only place I can get the Nutro charges 1.29 for a can of kitten food and .99 for a can of adult! These are 3 oz and 5 oz cans. They like the Kitten kind of Nutro max weet food the best! NaturalLife is still there favorite wet though! Must be good stuff the way they eat it!
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Maxximum from walmart is actually pretty good..we just got some at our wal-mart here in has ingredients comparable to nutro natural choice or nutro max. I think it goes for around $10 for a 6-8lb bag, not sure though.

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So Sharky is Felidae UTI friendly? I bought a 5 lb bag for 6.99 a few weeks ago and have been mixing it in with Purina One kitten for my little one and other things for my adult. They both seem to like it so I had a closer store order me some. I'm thinking of mixing it with Purina One going forward or something like Nutro dry. We have a local store that makes their own premium dry. I might try that once my 7 mo. old is a another month or 2 older.

As far as wet, my adult mostly likes food with gravy so she won't even touch Felidae wet, Evo wet or most other premiums I've tried. She won't even eat Merrick. My kitten will eat a little of anything I give him. I like that he's not fussy. They both eat some Nutro although the local store doesnt have any of the 3 oz cans just the packets. I wanted to try some other flavors. It's so hard to get food that 2 cats both like and eat.
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I'm not 100% sure, but I do NOT think Felidae is UTI friendly.
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