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My ponderings

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Do cats have the capacity to feel and/or show love? Do they care about us?
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What the ****?? Of course they do!!! Would so many people have cats if they didn't love us back?? Cats are wonderful!! They are loving, caring, sweet animals!!
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Of coarse they do. I have 3 cats and all of them have very different and distinct personalities and I have no doubt that each of them are bonded to me and each other.

I haven't quite figured out yet however whether they think I am just a big cat.....or they think they are furry little humans...
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Originally Posted by PrairieCrow View Post
Do cats have the capacity to feel and/or show love? Do they care about us?
A true cat lover knows the answer to this.....IMO.

Of course cats have the capacity to feel and show love. Any animal does. They feel and give unconditional love and don't care how you look, how much you weigh, if you did your hair and makeup or not, shoot they sit in the bathroom with you while you're getting ready for work watching you and playing with stuff for you to giggle at them. I've watched my tabby see Dh's car and go running towards the door to wait for him to come in, and when he does, Twig will just cry and cry until Dh picks him up, then he will purr like car engine! I can honestly say, I'd rather be home with my cats then with 99.7% of the people in the world. That's how much I enjoy being in the company of my cats.
And as far as do they care about us, well IMO that's a silly question also.
They sleep with you, knead your hair while drooling and falling asleep, meow at you if you aren't paying attention to them while you are on the computer, then climb on your lap to get your attention. They bring you "presents"(birds, mousies, snakes, whatever is the kill of the day) to share, they care, oh boy do they care. Cats are very caring creatures. All animals are.
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I believe they do. Othewise why would they stick around. And no it's not just because we feed them.
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oh definately! cat's are the most loving pet's in the world!
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My boys follow me around the house, they're never far from my side, they have to help with everything I do.

When I get home Sonic will jump into my lap, sit down, and topple sideways against me with a huge sigh. There is no possible explanation for that, other than he cares that I am home.
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I'd say so. No sooner do i adopt a position on the sofa, when Sophie jumps up on me to go to sleep, followed by Rosie, then Jack squeels just before he jumps up because he's a needy cat and thrives on affection more than what the girls do, and that's saying a lot!

They can be fast asleep downstairs with me, but the minute i go upstairs no matter how quietly, they follow me up.

All that and more shows they know that their loved, and they give it back in return
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Of course they care! Trinity always waits in the window for me or her daddy to come home. She knows our schedules and if dad doesn't get home on time, she will come tell me about it because she wants to see him. As soon as he gets home, she had to haev her nightly belly rub.

Bentley practically trips over himself to get attention from me. . . Literally, on several occassions he has walked off the bed, couch, or whatever else he happened to be standing on because he was so intent on getting attention from his momma that he wasn't paying any attention!

They all follow me around the house. I think cats are even more loving then dogs honestly. I grew up with dogs and I love them, but a dog follows you around the house because you are it's master and that's how they are programmed. Cats are wonderfully independant on the other hand. When they follow you around, it is because they want to be near you.
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