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Health Guard for Ringworm

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I posted a thread a few months ago when my new cat brought ringworm into my home. It was a nightmare and still is. Over $2000 and following the vets instructions to the tee and after 2 negative fungal cultures on all cats, the original cat to bring ringworm into the house has broken out again. The meds were finished 3 weeks. I have heard of a product called Health Guard Laundry additive that claims to kill the M-canis fungus and leave a residual for 2 weeks on surfaces treated, and (A-33 dry) for washing floors, counters, walls etc. Has anyone used these products or heard anything about them.
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have a website??? Automatically I am slightly sceptical ...
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How long did you treat for & with what meds?

My first thought is:
1) treatment not long enough/not high enough dosage
2) house not cleaned thoroughly enough

I'm assuming no outside exposure to other cats could cause re-infection?
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havn't tried it but Im interested to know what your kitty took for ringworm! Mine has it right now, I use Paragaurd shampoo every other day and then Conofite lotion twice a day. Eek also getting his head scraped at the vet when he got his neutering done and so far thats helping!
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I treated for 9 weeks with Grisseofulvin, used imaverol topical lotion and bathed twice a week with Dermazol shampoo. I also had 2 skin fungal skin cultures done on each cat at recommended intervals. I bleached everything in sight 3 times a week. Vaccuumned pretty much everyday. I only have 1 area rug and the rest is hardwood so that part is easy. This is why I am looking for alternatives. Also my cats never go outside so contamination that way is out.
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Wow.....is your kitty immune suppressed? To treat for 9 weeks & still have it.....it just defies logic!
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Defying logic is exactly what the vet says. All blood work indicated a healthy guy but there may be something they missed. Lets hope sending him to another home will help him clear. This lady has a place to keep him away from any other cats and can easily clean his area.
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