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Help PLEASE!!!

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Help! I have a persian named Gizmo. About this time last year he had a urinary track infection. He started showing symptoms of this again. I took him to the vet and they couldn't get a urine sample so they said that he probably had another one because that is one of the symptoms. They gave me some medicine to give him for a week. He took all of it and I pulled him in last night (he has to stay outside because of this problem) because it was REALLY cold. He still urinated in his cage. I don't understand this and would really like some information on what else I can do!

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The first thing I would do is request that the vet TAKE a sample while you are there. In order to treat him, they need to know what's going on. In fact, it may not be an infection at all, and a possible blockage. If let untreated, it can cause death. Males especially are prone to infection and or blockage. In some cases, they may need surgery or a special diet. If you feel this vet isn't doing everything possible, I would seek another vet to help you. Also, I would get him to the vet as soon as you can
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Please take your cat to another vet SOON! Your cat sounds very ill and needs to be seen right away. Any good vet can extract a sample when necessary unless the cat urinated just moments before being seen.

Good luck.
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A cat doesn't have to pee in order for a vet to gain a urine sample. Vets can extract a sample when necassary. Mine offered to do so when it was suspected that Russell had a urinary tract infection and that was in the early stages of things before he was ill!!

Instead I decided to give the medicine a go as Russell had just been through a 12 hour journey as I had to transport him by car and plane and was highly stressed. In my case the medicine did work and Russell's stress level came down.

However your cat sounds like it is very ill. I would take him to the vet and insist on a sample be taken. If an unsatisfactory reason is given, take Gizmo to a vet who cares.
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