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Boxer and kitten

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We have a young kitten, about 3 months old and shes been with us for about a month. Me and my partner have only been living together for 3 1/2 months and at his parents house he had a boxer, Tko, who is about 11 months old. Now his parents are leaving the country and cant take her with them so shes moving in with us. She has lived with 2 full grown cats for the past 9 months and has never hurt either of them although they've both scratched her many times.

When I introduced Tko to Tails (the kitten), Tails puffed herself up and started hissing...as I expected. When I have Tko tied up, Tails is fine with her and can get right up to her. As soon as I let Tko off her lead she starts jumping up and down and Tails hisses and scratches at her. Tails is used to having the run of the house and backyard and I'm a little worried that since she's only been with us for a short time she might take off and not come back.

Sometimes they are ok around eachother but if Tko moves too quickly Tails hisses at her. I want to make it fair on both the pets, don't want to keep the kitten in and the puppy out, and I don't want to make it miserable for them either being in eachothers way if they don't get along. I'm at a little bit of a loss as to what I can do to keep them both happy. Tko is just looking for a friend to play with, she would never harm the kitten but Tails just doesn't want any of it...Any ideas would be greatly appreciated
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It will be very very slow introductions and it will take time...your house has been your cats house and now youre bringing in another animal...and of all animals a dog! Not that there is anything wrong with it I have 3 dogs 4 cats 2guinea pigs and a bird and with each introduction it takes time the cats hiss and get all puffy the dogs growl the pigs squeal and the bird yells No No! I would do supervised introductions only for about 15-20 minutes a day...and remember that just because the dog has never hurt a cat before doesnt mean it wont...always make sure that when you leave they are separated from each other and when their together that they have constant supervision.
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It doesn't really sound like the don't get along, it just sounds like Tails has NO idea what this huge thing is and is a little defensive. Slow introductions are a very good idea. Maybe hold Tails in your lap, giving lots of loving, and have your SO bring Tko over on the leash so they can smell each other. By holding Tails, Tko should realize she is part of the family and off limits, and Tails will feel more secure. Also, give Tails an easy out if she wants to get away. Don't try to force anything...if either one of them seems to be really stressed, stop.

Good luck! My BIL has a boxer with 3 cats and they get along great, but it took the cats a while to warm up to him and realize he was just a big, slobbery teddybear!
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