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I decided what I want to do

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I finally decided what I want to go to college for. I want to be a veterinary technician. I have to go to night school first to get my biology and chemistry credits.

It is going to be hard to get accepted to the program, especially because the school I am looking at accepts about 42 out of 600 people per year.

I hope this works out. It wont be until 2009 because of not taking biology and chemistry in high school.
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Can't you take the biology and chemistry during the spring and summer and get into vet tech school this fall? It might be a crunch, but you can do it!!! Just have faith in yourself

Besides, some subjects just make more sense as you get older. I was absolutely terrible in Physics and didn't most of it. Now I find it interesting and can even understand some of it, hehe
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The course is already wait listed and the deadline to apply was last Friday. Plus, there is no night schools around here. There is one school that you can do the courses by correspondence but I tried that before with biology and I only got to chapter 2 (out of 20) before I got stuck and had nobody to help me.
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good luck ....
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Congrats and good luck! I'd love to be a vet tech, but I would never be able to deal with animals getting put down I'm a big baby when it comes to that!

I'm debating on whether or not I should change my major in school to chemistry because I currently work in a chemistry laboratory as a lab technician and LOVE my job. I got lucky getting the job because they changed all technician jobs to have a minimum requirement of a bachelor's degree a few months after I started so I got grandfathered over! I'm currently going for automotive technology, but I'm starting to think cars are better as a hobby, and my job is currently paying $15.20/hr (I've had 3 raises in 4 months, too) and have unlimited overtime most of the year if the workload backs it up. Rob tells me to stay right where I'm at since I like it and am his "sugar momma" working there
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