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Interesting places to scratch

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I was curious if anyones cats had interesting places they choose to scratch?

Jack has recently fallen in love with a cork board bulletin board that is lying horizontally on the floor. We will be addign some cork board to our new cat tree.

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Oliver likes my homemade denim horizontal scratchers... basically cardboard covered in old jeans... keeps him from scratching my jeans when he's on my lap... he's got one upstairs and one downstairs... he likes to kind of lean/lay on them too... and he loves sisal of course - he never got into scratching on carpet...
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my cat's seem to like my wallpaper
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My kitties have their own scratch post, but they never seem to use it all the time..

We recently bought a new tablecloth, and Shark loves scratching at it...two days ago we discovered a small hole in it where she had been clawing at it that much

We have now decided not to replace it as she will attack it again...
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I've got some extra pieces of carpeting that got cut out (for closets, etc) when I had my wall-to-wall carpeting replaced. I've been using these extra pieces in places where the cats like to sleep (to keep the cat fur off of the actual carpet), or in places where the food/etc gets tracked, and so forth. My RB kitty Rascal decided he liked to use them as his horizontal scratching post.
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We have a scratching post that he uses occasionally, but he really loves to scratch and knead on an old chenille blanket he "inherited" (took over)....luckily he does not scratch the furniture!
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My cat Taffy will grab one end of the bottom of the sofa and pull herself to the other end with her front paws. That's something interesting to see I can tell ya.

I'll have to get a photo of her doing that one day. heheheehe. Mostly they do the carpets and they have a scratching post.

That's about it


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Spyder has totally destroyed the sides of the love seat, and Winnie likes to scratch the wall corners ....nope, they won't touch a scratching post
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Interesting to hear what they like to scratch--very unique in choice of objects.

Jack has never really shown interest in the furniture. I hope it stays that way.

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Originally Posted by xLaydeexTaniax View Post
my cat's seem to like my wallpaper
WE have wallpaper in the hall with a 'spongy' texture on it which Pipsi has discovered she can climb up! very funny apart from that we have scratch posts or boards in every room and luckily they seem content with them

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Besides the couch lol....the wallpaper and our bar....
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Butzie just loves her scratching post! Besides that, she scratches at the couch next to the post in our family room. The couch has a satiny slip cover, but she just scratches that old couch under the slip cover. Good kitty!
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I don't know what it is, but Jake likes to scratch the back tires on my car and my dad's truck. I have to get onto him to get him to stop, but it's hilarious!
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