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little Kit

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I have a stray who showed up a couple of weeks ago who now appears quite pregnant. i made a box for her in the garage, I know she has been coming in there to sleep in the rafters and eat the dogfood i keep in there, now I have been providing kitty food for her. I do not know what to do with a pregnant queen, this is my first experience; I want to take the best care of her and the kittens; I plan to keep her, spayed of course, and find homes for the babies.
I need advice on how to deal with this, and what I need to do for little Kit, the mom kitty. She appears to be quite young; she is small compared to my other cats, however they are big neutered boys...
Please help!!
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Make her up a queening box with layers of towels and sides high enough so that once the babies get a little older and active they can't climb out. If you can bring her inside and have a spare room or some place where she can have privacy would be nice. I know sometimes that's not possible. But nearing her due date mamas can get a little aggitated especially if there are other cats around. The last thing you want her to do is have her babies in a place where you can't find them. Make sure she has plenty of food (I would suggest science diet kitten food because it is high in protein and vitamins) and of course water. Keep us posted on her progress!
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The poor little kitty. Have you talked to your vet on ways to help her? Maybe some added vitamins to her food?
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Special growth formula of super premium foods is what she needs (like Donna recommended). You usually don't need to add any vitamins to these. In fact, unless the vet specifically tells you to, too much vitamins can be bad for her.

Keep us posted on how it's going.

I'll be moving this thread to the SOS forum.
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I know someone this happened to. I had to help her get a kitten out of a heating duct in her trailer. We guess the mother had gone up under the trailer and had her litter. This one we found must have gotten away for her and she could not get to him. We hear him one day and pulled apart the heating duct and there he was. We could hear more kittens but could not see them. We would have put him back if we could see the others. My friend has been nursing him with a bottle for about 4 weeks. She goes to the vet to get KMR every couple of days. The kitten is doing so well his eyes have opened since we found him and he is starting to play a little. Good Luck!!! I know my friend had a hard time doing this. She has done it before. Anyway you might want to bring her in.
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