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Shes my snow leopard...

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She is a beautiful purebred stray, found in a junkyard mobile at two weeks old, she was bottle fed and nurtured by my whole family. She began her adolescence as a semi rebellious kitty, she never wanted to be touched and even growled at the approach of a humanly figure. This feral personality lasted up until about 2 months ago, as she approached adult hood, or her fourth birthday. Her personality has undergone an extreme make over not only is she an extremely affectionate kitty, she also has the ability to understand peoples moods. When anyone in the home cries or acts down she is right by there side trying to lift there spirits. Shes my only girl kitty and shes a beauty i've never ever seen coloring like hers before. What do you think of her, and what is her coloring called?

(oh and shes huge, is double the size of my other cats, and she is a bit larger taller and thicker than my 18 lb miniature Schnauzer.)

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She's a beauty! I have idea what her coloring would be called but with those blue eyes and unique pattern and color she is just gorgeous!
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What a gorgeous little girl! You did good bringing her up like you did
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OMG, I'm in love!! She is absolutely gorgeous!! I just love her markings, and those big blue eyes. I'm so glad that she's finally warmed up to everyone and became such a loving kitty, she deserves all the loving she gets!!

BTW, what's her name??
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Oh my....she is gorgeous.
Her eyes are stunning.
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WOW!!! She is absolutely stunning!! And she looks to be such a proper young lady too! You are wonderful for taking her in and working with her!!
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What an absolutely beautiful cat!
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She is beautiful. I would call her a torbie (tabby, tortoiseshell/white).
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She is gorgeous!!!
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What a pretty girl!
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lil'' miss photogenic huh! wow she could do cat commercials
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I agree. I don't think I have ever seen a cat like that. At first, I thought maybe a Siamese lynx point mix, since she has blue eyes and tabby markings with a grey or silvery cast to them. However, she's not pointed. But I am not a breed expert.

I will say, whatever she might be genetically, visually she is just gorgeous!!!!
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she's absolutely gorgeous!
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Her eyes are simply beautiful!
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I agree she is absolutely gorgeous!
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She is stunning!! Love those gorgeous big blue eyes!
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she is a beauty! she does look to be a very confident lady!
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She is so beautiful -- What a diamond in the rough
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What an incredibly beautiful cat! I love her!:heart 3:
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Wow, her coloring is so gorgeous and unique! I love blue eyed kitties too
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Here she isssss.....Miss Americaaaaaa!!
Beautiful girl!
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I don't have any insight regarding the breed, but she's beautiful <3
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Does she have the orange patches anywhere else but on her face? She is gorgeous.
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I have no idea what she is (I don't know much about cat breeds) but wow, she is so beautiful!
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She's beautiful! Wonderful markings
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She is amazing!!
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Originally Posted by Telynn View Post
Does she have the orange patches anywhere else but on her face? She is gorgeous.
yes. She is pretty much the most uniquely colored cats i have seen. She seems to be a mix of orange, beige, white, tabby, and brown. With those blue eyes though she can get away with murder.
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WOW!! what a beautiful girl!! I love the blue eyes!!
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