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Just had to share this!! I brought my new kitten (Little Dude) home a week ago, I was a bit worried about how Pipsi (4 months) would take to him but have been introducing them slowly, ten minutes ago Little Dude settled down on Pips favourite cushion, I wasn't too worried as she's never been mean to him but what I didn't expect was what she did - she just jumped up there, cuddled up and started washing him!!! I am so happy you just wouldn't believe....

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Aww! Bless 'em

I'm glad your kitties are getting on well
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That's great
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that's great!
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Awwww , that's wonderful. That's great news. Best buddies. My two female cats lick each others heads too. Its so cute to watch them love another.


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aww thats great news! im glad they are getting along
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Aww, that is so sweet!!
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Thanks this means so much to me. My last cats hated eachother, it would break my heart to see them fighting when I loved them both so much. Life is so much happier with cats who get on, I just cant stop grinning when I see them chasing each other round the house like mad black whirlwinds
Big thanks to this forum for giving me the advice I needed about introducing them

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That is wonderful - now when you hear the odd hiss, you won't be so worried World War III is about to break out. I remember how relieved I was when mine started making friends.

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Well my 2 cats dont do any of that D:
Spikey doesna normally want to socialise with Hobbit...apart from hissing
They dont get into a physical fight but they're not friends either..

But I think thats maybe because Hobbit is still a lil playful kitten and always wants to play with Spikey but Spikes is about 5 now.. and is a lil grumpy..
Maybe they'll be better when Hobbit is older and wont wanna play as much
But every lil occasion they're nose to nose with each other, sniffing! lol


But congrats on your too, thats sooo cute!
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I'm so glad to hear your kitties are getting along. I'll be introducing a new puppy some time this year & I only hope Blossom will accept her. She's only known our 2 dogs from a tiny kitten.
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Way cool!
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Any pictures you can share with us Onyxx?
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Took this one a couple of days ago, as you can see, they're getting on better and better as the days go by

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great news!
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What a wonderful relief for you! Really happy for you and your furbabies that they are Friends!

If you click on the photo - bottom row, the one on the right - both KiKi and Phoebe are cuddled up in the bed. He has his front leg wrapped around her as if he's hugging her, and his nose is resting on her head ... they're friends, well, when they're not play fighting :-).
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