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Bath Time!

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Well, I gave Maxx his bath today and used the new Metro dryer. I didn't bathe him last week because he had gone under anesthesia for his teeth cleaning and they suggested I wait a week. Anyway, it works pretty well and his fur is so shinny, straight and fluffy. It did seem to be faster then my regular blow dryer. What I really liked about it is I didn't have to worry about it getting too hot and burning him.

He was a little scared of it at first. I turned the dryer on in one room and then put him in a carrier in my bedroom. Then brought him out and slowly pointed the dryer a little bit toward the carrier. Eventually he was just sitting there soaking it all in so I brought him out and started the whole grooming process!

I like it! And I love how it has a hose instead of holding up a bulky hair dryer. It's easier to control and to comb while drying. I may get the attachment for using it hands free. I think that would come in very handy!
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Am glad its working well for you - and yes, I'd get the stand so you can have hands free - that way you can move the cat away a little if its getting too hot.
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