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Interesting Scottish Animals!

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I was cleaning out my photobucket and thought I'd share these pics from when I spent a year living in Scotland.

My mom took this picture of highland cows and I think it's spectacular...

Also from anyone from edinburgh, or who has been to the edinburgh zoo they let the penguins loose everyday for a walk, and it is possibly the cutest hting ever...

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Great pictures! Those penguins are soooo cute!!
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great picture's!
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Those are great pictures. The cow one looks like it needs a caption.
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Beautiful Photos! Love those highland cows!
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OMG look at those penguins!! I would kidnap one of them and take it home
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Great photos~but those penguins!! My oh my, they are so adorable!!
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Oh they are cute (love the penquins) - we were at an auction where the farm was raising the highlander cattle - they are sooo cool up close First time I got to see them in person.
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We stayed with the RV in Wisconsin for a while, and someone had a farm with a herd of Scottish Highland cows. We didn't know what they were and had to look them up. They were gorgeous animals. Gary said if we ever have a farm, that's the cattle he wants!

Thanks for sharing!

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Awww those Penguins are so darn cute!!! great shot!!!
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The let the penguins loose!!! How special that would be to see!!!! I'm so jealous! Those cows are amaszing too!
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awww walking penguins! how cute...
we don't have penguins here in winnipeg so I don't get to see them...
how adorable!
love the cows too
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I hope you don't mind me adding photos to your thread I've been living in Edinburgh for the past few years so here is Hamish the Coo:

..and then the Marching Penguins, they are ridicilously cute

One from the enclosure, the baby furry looking penguin is so adorkable.
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Absolutely adorable. It looks like the penguins are walking around with the people. I never thought of penguins as being domesticated.
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Great pics siggav!! You live in edinburgh! how lucky, such a lovely city. I lived in Glasgow but frequently visited!
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