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sucking tummies

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Okay, this isn't really a problem, but oh well. I have this cat named Peeper who sucks her tummy whenever she's really happy. Does anybody else have a cat that does this? I've never heard or read anything about it, so I'm really curious. Thanks.
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I wouldn't say that it's really common, but some cats do this. Your kitty happens to like her tummy, but others can go for toes,blankets, people, etc. It's a way for them to comfort themselves. It brings them back to when they were nursing on mom, and the comfort they felt. Usually kitty's that were taken too soon from mom exibit this behavior.
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I had a ginger male tabby who sucked his own nipples. I must admit it freaked me out at first but after a short time i realised it was more endearing as it gave me the impression he felt comforted by doing it.

Our vet told us it was not a common thing but more prevelent to male gingers than other breeds.

Sadly he died at 7 months when he escaped the house and was hit by a car but had continued the 'sucking' right up to the end.
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