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Everyone copes with things in different ways! One of mine was pure denial!
Live in the minute! Take pictures, spend time with him, give him extra scratches, his favorite food, spoil the heck outta him! He will thank you for making his last years on earth wonderful and you will have recieved tons of extra love from him!! Dont think about the fact that its terminal, life in its self is terminal! You can't live forever nor would you want to! Think possitive! Keep telling yourself and him that there is always the possibility that this could be treatable! I wouldn't sentence him to death just yet! Cats are strong creatures and you would be amazed what they can endure and bounce back!
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I try to put the thoughts as far back in my head as possible. If the animal needs me now, it needs me now. It's very difficult to do and I often have burst into tears because of it, but you just savor all the moments you have left.

If you know its becoming to painful for them, then you have the choice...however since it sounds like you don't have a lot more time, just make every moment count!
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My mother's cat, one of the most remarkable cats ever, was diagnosed with metastatic liver and lung cancer last Monday. He was given 1-2 weeks to live. He's used up one of those weeks but the thing about estimates is that they are estimates. No vet or doctor can really say you have X days to live because nobody really knows. In the mean time, I praise the Lord everyday that I wake up and see Bobo come to his food bowl, purring. I take things one day at a time and am glad he's been able to share his life with us for the past 11.5 years. We spoil him rotten, giving him a dozen treats at a time, buying him his favorite thing ever, chick-fil-a, taking him outside to get some fresh air...just letting him do whatever he likes.
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thank you so much for all your kind replies.. they mean such a lot to me..
moo has picked up loads since the appetite pill and diuretics, im so happpy that he is more himself , i guess i have to take each day as it comes.

i so appreciate your support. hugs to you all and your furry friends, blue and moocat x
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My previous kitty was leukemia positive and also had a bad heart murmur. She lasted about what is expected-2 years. It was sad to find this out and think about it everyday, but she had a very good life. She was previously sort of a stray cat (people across the street had lots of cats, decided they couldn't feed them anymore, and threw them outside). If I hadn't taken her in, she would have been died without someone to lay on every night, with an empty belly, etc. Just live day by day and appreciate the time you do have, don't waste it away worrying about when the death will happen. It's the life that matters.
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When my cat was diagnosed with cancer, I would cry every day from the moment I woke up until I went to sleep. He, of course, had no idea what was going on and would look at me like, "What is your problem?"

I took video of him and just loved him to pieces till the last second. I don't know that there's any more you can do. I know it feels overwhelming and possibly like you don't even know how you'll survive it, but with time the sorrow gets quieter, and isn't the main thing every day. I have two other cats -- it took a while for home to feel like home again, but now it does.
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I merged the 2 threads about Moo.
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thank you all so much.. it helps so much to hear your words of hope.. i will get through this, and try to live in the present a bit more.
hugs from blue and moo x
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Originally Posted by auchick View Post
We spoil him rotten, giving him a dozen treats at a time, buying him his favorite thing ever, chick-fil-a, taking him outside to get some fresh air...just letting him do whatever he likes.

Yes to the spoiling thing too! My cat had all his favorite foods and treats during his last month.
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The day before Yoshi was Pts I took Pics. I had my friend add a Rainbow to it and will post it here soon. I slept with him alot. he would be under my covers purring.
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The important thing is to spend as much time as possible with them and spoil them as much as possible, do take a lot of pics so you have lots of memories. While it is a hard thing to be told, I prefer to know we have limited time than to lose them suddenly, you can make sure you have no regretst that way, and can be there at the end for them.
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I just lost 2 and it was harder with Stormy then Yoshi. Stormy got sick and had to be pts the next day. Yoshi I knew was dieing 8 months before he was pts. It will be hard for you. I do have regrets with Stormy and the Vet said its not our fault. I keep thinking why didnt I know her Kidneys were bad. She didnt have many symptoms at all. She would throw up sometimes and drool. She didnt like to be held either but there was nothing else. I do not evn have a last Pic of her. I had Glitch post Yoshis and Stormys Pics yesterday for me on the Pic board. The Pic of Yoshi is the night before he died. I hope your cat lasts longer then you think he will.
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hi , thank you.. i'm so sorry to all of you who lost their precious cats.. i have lost 2 cats, both to road accidents, so they were sudden, and it was so awful, but i've never had to deal with a terminal illness before, so its hard coming to terms with it.

he seems quite bright today again, he's talkative and affectionate, so ill make the most of his sweetness.
hugs from bluuebell and moocat xx
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I'm so very sorry about Moo, but it's wonderful to hear that he's feeling better today. I hope that you'll have lots more time with him.

My 18-year-old cat, Harvey, was diagnosed with intestinal lymphoma last October. Given his advanced age, we made the decision to forego any radical treatments, such as surgeries or chemotherapy, and let him spend his final time, however long it was, happy and peacefully. It was a tough thing to learn, and an even harder decision to make.

As others has said, everyone deals with these things differently. For me, though, I got through it by focusing on Harvey instead of myself and concentrating on making his final days as happy as I possibly could. I work full-time, but I made an extra effort to spend some alone time with Harvey every single day. I spoiled him silly and fed him all his favorite foods. (Including a version of macaroni and cheese that I concocted just for him when he started desperately wanting the mac & cheese we had.) I bought him a heating pad for his chair because he liked the warmth. I also talked to him a lot about what was going on and what I was feeling and how badly I wanted him to know that I loved him. It may seem silly, but it helped me get it out and I believe that they're a lot more aware than we think they are. He may not have understood the words I was saying, but I think that he understood the emotions behind them (kind of like listening to an opera in a foreign language). Harvey went to the Rainbow Bridge on New Years Eve. It helped a lot to know that I made his final days as special as I could.

It also helps to talk things out here. It's a great group, and you'll find many sympathetic virtual shoulders to cry on here. Nobody here will tell you "it's only a cat"!
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