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has anyone seen adymarie?

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her hubby was sick last week, right? is she sick, too?

addddyyyyyyyyy! where are youuuuuuuuuuu?
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I think that she was going on a trip. She replied to a couple of my posts, in "Paws and Reflect", late last week.
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ah. thank you. i was beginning to worry.
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hmmmmm....I thought she just came back from a trip? I may be mistaken though.
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She's trying to get pregnant, too and she can't do that here!
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What do you mean????? We can't help her with that?????? But.....we have BOARD MAGIC!!!! We can do anything!!!!!:tounge2:
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oh yea we can do that!
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oh boy! i HOPE you can't get pregnant here! that would be really tough to explain, now, wouldn't it?!
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well someone thought that it happened to flywater...turns out he was male...so anything is possible!!!
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Just be careful, WHERE you're sending the pregnancy hoodoo. Bill's 58, I'm 45, we have twin granddaughters due, in 2 1/2 months - we DO NOT need a baby!
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ADY - we're sending YOU lots of Board Magic for a baby....

But PLEASE, you MUST come tell us what you've been up to (I mean - besides the baby thing )


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Laurie! Tsk, tsk. Adrienne, we can't do without you. Where are you? (when you're not doing what Laurie is thinking about, that is?) Laurie, would you please write me a paragraph saying why we don't ask personal questions. Over there--in the corner--will be fine. Thank you.
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Hey now - never fear - I can never stay away for long!

Keep working that board baby magic - it hasn't worked yet. I can't kick this nasty broncitis, but boy were the kitties happy to have John home for a week and then me home for almost a week. I wish I had gone on another trip, but shovelling the snow last weekend kicked my illness up a couple of notches.

Cats are ignoring me now - I abandoned them today to return to work. Excalibur tried to block the door this morning!
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ADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am SO sorry to hear you have been sick!!!!! Bronchitis sucks!!!!!! I hope you are feeling better!!!! I keep sending up "get pregnant" vibes for you.....I just know you will soon...and I am all set to go pick out a cute outfit for the baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you!!!!!!!!! **HUGS**
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