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Sick cat...

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My 19 month old female kitty, Sheba, has been acting strangely since yesterday. She ate breakfast normally yesterday morning but in the afternoon came in and took to the dogs' bed and didn't get up for dinner and was still there at bedtime. I checked her and she didn't appear warm, in pain, and had no outward symptoms.

This morning, she was not in the house when we got up and did not come to breakfast. (We have a catfenced backyard with pet flap.) A search of the backyard found her under the "hiding shrub." I pulled her out from there and examined her and again, see nothing outwardly. She's not eating or drinking.

I'm thinking I need to call the on-call vet. Any of this sound familiar to any of you?


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i would definitely call the vet, as signs of illness are hiding/ not eating/ drinking etc.. try not to worry too much.. it could be a number of things.. your kitty may have had a scrap with another cat, or he could be unwell, but definitely call the vet as you dont want to get him dehydrated.
hope your furry friend is ok. hugs, blue and moo x
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Back from vet. Checked out normal there. They suggested keeping Sheba in a quarantine room here at home and try to get pee sample (they sent home test strip to use). Also sent Clavamox with me to use if pee indicates infection. Also trying to tempt her to eat with Fancy Feast (she usually eats Nutro kibble.) Vet says if no improvement tomorrow they will run some basic labs as this is definitely NOT normal.

Sigh...always something.

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I hope she wil be ok.
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for your baby feeling better!!
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Oh I so hope she eats for you and gives you a good pee sample!! Thats not easy!! Good For you and your baby!
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Things are looking up today.

Yesterday afternoon, I noticed my neighbor, Sheba's breeder, had gotten home from her trip, so I went over and told her what was happening. She came right over and gave her a good going over and found a sore place and some muscle spasms in her upper back. She went home to get a shot of some anti-inflammatory meds while my husband and I did some "kitty manipulation" (he's a physical therapist, I'm an occupational therapist.) After the shot, we put her back in isolation but about 4 hours later, she was ready to eat. She had a good night last night and is motoring around pretty well this morning.

I think she's going to be OK. She must of hurt herself rough housing with her brothers.

Thanks for the well wishes.

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So happy she is better!
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