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Just a thought, but could he be jealous of his little brother? He got most of the attention when he was the youngest, then suddenly there is another baby getting most of the attention so he has to be a brat (sorry) to get attention from Mommy?

I know you said you spend one on one time, but that could be the main problem. Not spending the one on one time, but the fact that he's just used to being the baby....and if that's the case I don't have a CLUE what to tell you!

This is something I would definitely talk to his doctor about. I didn't realize at first his brother was younger than him. I'm sure the doctor has heard of this type of situation before and may have some good suggestions for you. Or, do a search for sibling rivalry and see if they give any suggestions for this age.

I'll just stick to my cats, thank you very much!
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Yeah, Jacob never really got to be the baby either... He was only 3 months old when I figured out I was pregnant, and previous to that he was too busy having surgeries to be a baby, so when he was almost 12 months I gave birth to his little brother Joseph! We actually celebrated Jacobs 1st Birthday while I was in the hospital with Joey! So I do think that has something to do with everything! Before Joey came along Jacob was attached at my hip all the time, I carried him everywhere, and he was momma's lil boy! Then as soon as Joey was born he became evil! He would throw Joey off the couch and hit him and stuff like that. I love them both, but since they're both mama's boys its hard some days! I wish I knew how to even things out! I mean, its not like I Meant to have another baby that soon! I always wanted 3 kids, each 5 years apart. God had other plans for me! Birth control isn't always full proof, especially if you're on any other meds! So I dont know what to do with him! I know he is still a baby himself, but its hard! I have to change 2 poopy diapers every couple hours, get 2 bottles for bed time and nap time and then still manage to give Angel all she needs, and she's really demanding also! I havn't weened Jacob off the bottle yet because whats the point?? Joey still gets one so it would be a fight I would never win! I plan on weaning them BOTH off the bottle in the next couple months but its hard because Joseph is lactose intolerant and has to have baby formula or he hurls everywhere! YUCK! So I figured Id get er done at the same time! Children can be a handfull some days! I wouldn't trade them for nothing, but OMG I have grey hairs!!
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Aw...hugs. I know a bit about that. My kids are 12 months, 11 days apart. LOL
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Yeah, closeness in age can sure create problems somedays!! Oh well, they'll grow out of it!!

P.S. Will someone click on my dragon hatchling before it kicks the bucket??? Its had 39 clicks for a couple days now so If it doesn't get clicked on its gonna die!!
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Oh and just to make my frustrations worse, it seems as though my DH got home early from Arizona, and instead of coming home or calling me, he went out and got trashed!! I get left with 3 kids for weeks at a time, and then he comes home and gets drunk!! ARGGGG!!! He's in the dogg house tonight, he's NOT sleeping next to me... #$@%!@
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