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how could you?

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A man in Grand Rapids, Michigan incredibly took out a $7000 full page ad in the paper to present the following essay to the people of his community. HOW COULD YOU? By Jim Willis, 2001
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Oh Normally theres pics with that one! (which are heartbreaking)
Was the pictures with it???

I bawled my eyes out the first time I read it!! How could you do that to a pet?? My cat BooBoo is now 7 y/o and my oldest child is 5 y/o! However, you will often hear me say that BooBoo is my first born! I had him first, and there is NOTHING in this world that could make me get rid of him!! He is one of my children, he just has furr thats all! I can't imagine ignoring him the way the people in the story do!
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no, there werent any picts. probably a good thing because i would have cried worse.
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I've read that story before, and I just reread it. It never fails to bring tears to my eyes, its such a touching story. It's wonderful that someone was willing to spend $7000 to put that in the paper. Hopefully people will read it, and the moral of the story will get across.
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btw i didnt know they gave the animals shots to PTS. The humain society lady here just gives them a treat with something in it that does it and the local animal control just shoots them.
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I have seen it with the Pics. Its very Sad.
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OMG yeah ours gives them shots! When I had to have my hampster PTS they had to inject her right in the heart! It was terrible but I would not leave her side, she never left mine! (she had to be pts, she had a very large tumor that wasn't operatible, and they said she was a very old hampster at almost 5 y/o) Glitch got an IV in his leg when he got PTS and he went very quickly, I held him and told him I loved him, but I bet it was over in 2 seconds, TOPS!
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Oh my goodness! What a sad story...I just cried so much after reading it. Thank you for posting it.
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i read somewhere that a dj at a toronto radio station read that poem during rush hour one day and it caused traffic jams. people were pulling over and crying.
there's a book by jim willis called 'pieces of my heart' i've been meaning to get that has funny, sad etc. short stories and poems and i believe this one is included
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What a sad story But unfortunately so true all too often
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That story makes my heart ache for any animals who are in that situation Poor little sweeties...
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That makes me cry every time
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Bravo to the man who paid to have that story advertised!! It's such a sad truth in our society And I do believe that there is a final reckoning for all of us humans - people need to realize that, and after death comes, it's too late for us to make amends. How would those lousy pet owners like it if Heaven told them, "Only pets and their GOOD owners allowed!"
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