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Is it a good idea to use a brush on a cat's fur? Whenever I tried to brush Roke's fur,she gives me a nip that means "No". I even let her smell and see the brush.
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Some love it, some hate it! My beloved Pandi, she was a full short hair kitty who I started brushing around 1 years old because she shed excessively. She wasn't to happy with it at first, so I would give her treats and do it when she was seeking attention, in a cuddly mood. Slowly increased the time she was brushed and eventually I had to hide the brush from her!!! If I pulled the brush out and fingered the bristles, she would come running from whatever, wherever she was! LOVED it!!!! Maia doesn't have the soft undercoat so I find brushing her does nothing, I don't get anything on the brush...........Deepends on the coat of the cat, if there is a lot of shedding, it definitely reduces the fur ball intake (thats why I groomed Pandi). Long hairs you have to groom them, they need help with all that fur!
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yeh, depends on the cat itself. have you tried different brushe's? maybe, she doesn't like the type of brush your using. you could try again, but get her settled & then gently brush her
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I find with my persian that if she gets mad it is because their is a tender spot. I feel around her fur with my fingers and there is a mat that is close to the skin. Usually she loves being groomed.
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She is a shorthair breed,and it is a stiff bristle brush.
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IMO you should be grooming with a comb - not a brush - this goes for both long or short hairs. Brushes don't do much for either coat. I've always used combs on my cats not matter what the length of fur.

Brushes should never be used on a longhair - unless it has long teeth to get down to the skin. The short bristle brushes you find in pet stores are usless
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I have to admit that I give Bijou a few strokes with the brush when I do my own hair and he loves it. His hair is so short that it would be hard to notice anyway.

He also likes to be vacuumed with the central vac and will allow a bath without too much fuss, so he's easy to keep clean and groomed.

I've heard that combs should be used over brushes.
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