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hallelujah -- jeff buckley (leonard cohen cover)

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blister in the sun...

violent femmes

(college nostalgia )
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Originally posted by Russian Blue
Every Rose Has It's Thorn - Poison
haha! those were the days! i was front row for a poison concert. what a blast!!!
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dead or alive - brand new lover.

really in a nostalgic mood tonight!!
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Mike Ness "Misery Loves Company"
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mortal city -- dar williams
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Jars of Clay - Sad Clown

Say how's the weather, so I look out the window
To brighten my soul, but I can't control the rain
That keeps falling
Smile on the outside that never comes in
A comedy, mystery, irony, tragedy
So I scream "let the show begin"

You break me open, turn on the light
Stumble inside with me with me

Do I entertain you
Do I preoccupy you with my wit to cover this lie
Are you mesmerized
Do you think me faithful, do you think me a clown
I picked out this shirt, I put on this hat
I wore all paint just for you
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Metallica! I Heavy Metal! I especially their slower songs. Rock On!

I also Country! Tim McGraw is my fave! C'mom ladies, isn't he hot?!

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I love metallica! but my new thing is all the Sting CDs i got from my liberary.
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I don't like Country music, but I'll take a peek at Tim anyday!

Died In Your Arms Tonight - Cutting Crew
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the stranger -- melissa ferrick
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daniel bélanger -- les temps fous

LOVE his music!!!
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bankrupt and selling -- modest mouse
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Nice blue with the modest mouse! I love them.
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thanks, me too !

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Trying out different artists on amazon.com - I'm really resisting getting the TATU album, but I bought the original Russian version before I knew who they were, and I find their cover of "What time is now" to be hilarious!
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In The Middle- Jimmy Eat World
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I love early J.E.W. stuff!
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professional widow -- tori amos

give me peace, love and a .....
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money can't buy it -- annie lennox

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green eyes -- erykah badu

" my eyes are green cuz i eat a lot of vegetables
it don't have nothing to do with your new friend
i don't care , i swear , i'm too through with you , i am "
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running up that hill -- kate bush, of course
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cruel -- tori amos
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prince -- get off

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kiss -- prince

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the space between -- dave matthews band
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do you love me -- the contours

i can mash potato
i can do the twist !
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suspicious minds -- Elvis
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I loved you all along- Our Lady Peace
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