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flake -- jack johnson

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big yellow taxi -- counting crows

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the fish tank filter i'm enjoying the quite!
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I'm listening to the sounds of my BF playing "Vampire:The Masquerade, Redemption", which is an awesome computer game.
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Dream-The Cranberries
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Christy, I LOVE the Cranberries! They have got to be my favorite group!! I like "Zombie" and "Wake Up and Smell the Coffee" best.
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"remember the mountain bed" - billy bragg & jeff tweedy (woody guthrie cover)
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"looking for a way out" - wilco

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"bells ring" - mazzy star
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I'm listening to J-Rock, japanese rock, my daughters and my computers are in the same room and I am forced to listen to her music. A group called Malice Mizer from japan and Gackt, a japanese artist. Cant understand them but they are really good! Thats all my daughters listen to, Jpop or Jrock, so I listen to alot of it.
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Right now it's quiet, but when I'm alone at the office I sometimes listen to the country station on Yahoos Launchcast at
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Remy Shand Take a Message from the Now 7 CD
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Who's Your Daddy? by Toby Keith

Yahoo!!!!!! Love that guy!


PS--Actually the whole family sings along on his songs.
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"downtown train - tom waits"
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Actually I watch Dirty Dancing in one window of the screen.
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Talk Radio--I'm addicted to that stuff--especially the late night stuff on Coast to Coast when I'm driving home from work.

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I'm listening to 99.5 The Wolf out of Texas. I'm in Arizona, but I listen to stations on the net while I'm at work.
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Great Big Sea "When I'm Up (I can't get down)"
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NP: Cage - Kill the Devil

next up: Opeth - Damnation
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A CD called Dock Rock - good songs to listen to at your cottage. Currently Van Morrison Brown Eyed Girl
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