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Question about Fip

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When Yoshi got sick last year the vet did alot of tests and the Fip was Pos. This was before she found all the Kidney Stones. Do you think he still could have had that and thats why he only lasted 8 Months. He went from 14 Pounds to 5.2 when he was Pts. He was down to 8.2 Pounds when he tested Pos. Coud it have been a false Pos? His eyes were strange like cross eyed after he got sick. He looked older then Coco. I went to the Vet Dec 21 and he was 7.5 Pounds. On Jan 11 he was 5.2 . The Vet has never mentioned anything. Should I have a talk with her? The test for Fip was done May 23. We ahd talked about haveing him Pts then. The results were from Uc davis.
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How did they do the diagnoses?? Did they do the biopsy or something around those lines or was it just the blood test???
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He had so many tests at the time. She never mentioned it again after she found the Kidney Stones. do you think it was false Pos because she told me he can be with the other Cats. He had Blood tests. I know those arent reliable though.
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The only way to get a possitive diagnoses is through biopsy, necropsy or testing the fluid! Some of the blood tests indicate that it is very likely to be FIP though! If I can find the website I will post it up about the numbers on FIP. Also, Hissy is the FIP expert! If you look her up on her siggy there is several links to articles she's written about FIP!
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I got the url!! Go down to the part where it says How is FIP diagnosed!
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I will ask the Vet. She never did a Biopsy. Once she found the Kidney Stones Fip was never mentioned again. It was the dry form she thought it could be because his symptoms fit. He never once had a Cod or anything like that. This is my post in a Cat Group from when he got sick. Yoshi is sick. He has a terible smell and is losing weight. He looks sick too. We are going to the Vet tomorrow at 10:45.
Thanks All,
He is staying at the Vets overnight. He has to have alot of tests and he looks terrible. He is only 8.2 pounds and used to be 14.
They said they will call around 10 today. They are witing for a Thyroid test to come back. They still do not know what it is. Bun and Creatine and Gluclose are high. They will do do Xrays too.
They are saying Fip How can he get that he never has been outside. She did say it might be a false Positive. They will try Antibiotics and if they do not work then they said to have him Pts. He is staying there again and is not better at all. This was from last May. He stayed at the Vet for over a week then. I would like to ask the expert what she thinks.
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Well the weight loss sure sounds familiar! Any high fevers?? Id point you in the direction of my old thread for Glitch but its heartbreaking....
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I read some of your old threads and they are sad. He never had a fever that i know of. The day he was Pts he temp was 98. It was very hard letting him go. I was Crying on Coco in the Vets office. Yoshis eyes were strange and he had the weight loss and a bad smell. He peed all over and never used the Pan. The day he was Pts the vet gave us a choice. She said she could do more tests but he woud not live so we had him Pts. I guess I will never know for sure if it was Fip or not.
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Its hard not knowing for sure! Glitch's fever would get up to almost 106 some days! They have naturally higher tempatures than us (102-103) but he was so hot! That was from the time I got him too! He was pawned off on and I dont think he ever stood a chance! My MIL found him outside underneath a lawn mower screaming his butt off because she had found his bro the day before and they were screaming at each other through the bathroom window! So she brought both of them over, I had both for a few weeks and then she INSISTED on taking Scud back which made me mad! He was sick then on out for his entire life! Always had a high fever, probably had more metacam than any other cat on the planet! The vet always told me it was a fever reducer and gave me what was called a "matacam pack" which was just individual doses of it in a ziplock bag! So I dont think he ever stood a chance! Im sorry about your baby, it never does get any easier!
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I am sorry about your Cats too.
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Yeah, theres one person on here who has two cats in remission right now from FIP but they have the dry form which is more treatable! It list the wet form to kill within either a few days or a few weeks! I had a total of 6. Wasn't enough, it wasn't until he couldn't walk anymore and would shake that I believed it wasn't going to be okay. The vet tried to tell me, but I couldn't believe it, it was too hard!
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I know the feeling. I didnt want to believe Yoshi would die. He never was Sick before that. I almost lost Coco when she was 9.5 and she beat the Fia. I also almost ost Meeko at 3 Months to Severe Anemia but she lived. How many Cats do you have now. I have 4 oldest almost 16 youngest 5 Months. I took Oreo because she has Fcks. We didnt even know if she would ive as a kitten. I said if she did I would take her. I do want to get another Cat this Summer.
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So far I have a 7 y/o names BooBoo, a 14 week old named Eek and a 14 week old (no relation to the other one) named HoboJax (jax for short!) I love cats! They are the best of creatures!! Just little darlings! If you look at my "questions about ringworm" thread their pics are in there!
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Cute Cats. I still can not get the Pics to post. I want a banner like you have too.
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Cats are my fav Animal. Cocos bday is anytime now. We got her the last week of April or first week of May. She was 6 to 8 weeks old when we got her. We were going to get one of her littermates taht looked siamese. but they were gone so we got her. She is haf Siamese but is black and white. The Pet Store we got her from s out of Business. I think her bday is the end of this Mnth or first week of March.
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Oh birthdays are so much fun for kitties!!

Did you try photobucket yet?? Alls you do there is copy and paste the link it give you and it puts the pic up automatically!
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I have PhotoBucket just wont work right from this Computer. I will do it from my other Computer tomorrow. Its a Sony Laptop with Vista.
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I got it!
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