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Indigo Moon by Solid Gold?

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I'm wondering if this is a decent food or not? Its their 'grain free' new food, but am I crazy in thinking there doesn't seem to be a lot of meat in there? If memory serves me correct, Chicken Meal is not as good as Chicken right? And potatoes being second in the ingredients list also caught me by surprise..

Chicken Meal | Potatoes | | Canola Oil | Chicken | Natural Chicken Flavor | Salmon Oil | Ocean Fish Meal | Taurine | | Choline Chloride | Dried Chicory Root | Parsley Flakes | Pumpkin Meal | Almond Oil | Sesame Oil | Yucca Schidigera Extract | Thyme | Blueberries | Cranberries | Carrots | Broccoli | Zinc Proteinate | Vitamin E Supplement | Niacin | Manganese Proteinate | Copper Proteinate | Zinc Sulfate | Manganese Sulfate | Copper Sulfate | Thiamine Mononitrate | Vitamin A Supplement | Biotin | Potassium Iodide | Calcium Panthothenate | Riboflavin | Pyridoxine Hydrochloride | Vitamin B12 Supplement | Manganous Oxide | Sodium Selenite | Vitamin D Supplement | Folic Acid |

My cats are currently on Orijen, which they're doing fabulous on, but I'm having major conflicts with the only local store that sells it so I'm kind of hoping to find another food to mix with it and/or switch to (without sacrificing quality) and my new job sells Solid Gold products and I can get them at cost (and feeding 6 large cats with massive appetites is rather expensive ).

And thoughts on their wet food? I can only find 2 they make,

Blended Tuna

Tuna | Water Sufficient for Processing | Tapioca | Canola Oil | Cellulose Gum | Calcium Iodate | Biotin | Calcium Sulfate | Tricalcium Phosphate | Potassium Chloride | Choline Chloride | Ferrous Sulfate | Zinc Oxide | Nicotinamide | Vitamin E Supplement | Taurine | Thiamine Mononitrate | Vitamin B12 Supplement | Vitamin A Acetate | Manganous Oxide | Pyridoxine Hydrochloride | Calcium Panthothenate | Folic Acid | Riboflavin | Vitamin D3 Supplement | Copper Sulfate | Menadione Sodium Bisulfate Complex |

Chicken, Turkey, White Fish & Liver

Chicken | Chicken Broth | Turkey | White Fish | Chicken Liver | Ground Brown Rice | Oat Bran | Olive Oil | Guar Gum | Dicalcium Phosphate | Potassium Chloride | Flaxseed Oil | Calcium Carbonate | Carrageenan | Choline Chloride | Taurine | A-Tocopherol | Vitamin E Supplement | Zinc Amino Acid Complex | Iron Amino Acid Complex | Copper Amino Acid Complex | Manganese Amino Acid Complex | Calcium Panthothenate | Vitamin A Acetate | Niacin | Vitamin D3 Supplement | Vitamin B12 Supplement | Riboflavin | Folic Acid | Ethylenediamine Dihydriodide | Sodium Selenite | Pyridoxine Hydrochloride | Biotin | Thiamine Mononitrate |

Are either of those decent foods? Currently I'm feeding my kitties Felidae Chn and Rice, if 2 of my cats have sensitive tummies would the second wet food with all its different meats have a good chance of upsetting them? I wish I knew more about feline nutrition, but I'm slowly reading and trying to learn lol. There's just so much to remember. So anyone care to help?
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the canned is good ...

the dry TOO MUCH potato .... and canola oil is also to high up for me... ocean fish is another ???

www.tasteofthewildpetfood.com Zoey likes this as much as orijen ... I am able to find it local and for 50-70% less than other grain frees
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Wow, thanks for the quick reply Sharky! I'm glad I wasn't totally offbase with what I was thinking about the dry.

I've heard that cats can get addicted to tuna and then won't eat any other wet foods, is that true? And thanks for the link, I'll go check that out now. Unfortunately I live in Eastern Canada and I cant' usually find a lot of brands, hopefully I can find it around here
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chicken meal= concetrated chicken ... think beef jerky vs raw beef

chicken meal 1 lb= 5lbs of fresh

some might .. I just made sure that was not the only wet food avail
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