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flushable litter cause more smell?

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Does anyone know if flushable litter doesnt hide the horrible smell as much as normal litter?

What is the best litter in the world for absorbing smell ? specially from cat dropping?

I use to use the normal clay clumping litter but then my long hair old cat would always have litter stuck to his feet and nails! IT was so nasty and i felt bad for him so i switched but i think the flushable stuff really doesnt hide the smell! HOrrible nightmare im living in! LOL
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It likely doesn't have perfumes added like the clay litters tend to.

Have you tried adding some baking soda in the box after you scoop it? Maybe you need to scoop more or it could be the food you're using thats making the poo so stinky.
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yeah i use baking soda and all kinds of other stuff to help nothing workds

I thought it might be the food but ive switched from innova EVO to orjin and still horrible smell!

Maybe its a low carb diet that causes it? maybe I should totally switch to cali natural then? I also feed them T/D
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ok today i bought natures miracle odor control clubmping cat litter and i PREY it works! THe only thing im so scared of is the litter getting caught on my long haired cats fuzzy paws (Inside them and around his nails) OMG im shocked im the only 1 who complains about this? Does anyone else have a long hair cat that gets litter stuck to his paws? Please let me know! Thanks
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I use WBCL and it does a pretty good job on the smell... of course nothing will absorb the smell of a fresh pile of poo, but the corn deals with it pretty well without the harsh fragrances.

I was not very impressed with papurr scoop's scent absorbing ability... nor that of feline pine.

Then again, I'd rather smell the poo than strong "floral" type scent of most clay litters. My cats have also been on EVO and their poo is somewhat stinkier than usual.

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Well just from experience, if one doesn't empty the litter tray often enough or change the litter regularly, the smell occurs.
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The flushable litter I use is quite good for urine odour, but as stated the only thing I find that eliminates the poo smell is to flush it.
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My long hair cat doesn't have any issues with litter on paws or anything. We use tidy cats scoop in the blue bucket. I read a lot on here of how different brands are more or less dusty perhaps your brand is just dustier and sticks more?

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