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Good news and bad

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Hey I have alot of new changes. First Donald and I split up. He became very controlling and then one day he threatened to throw Chloe across the room. So I packed and left. I am temporarily staying with my dad but as soon as I get some money saved back I will be moving to my own apartment. My friend Mary is fostering Chloe for me until I get my own place. But I start my new job on Tuesday so hopefully it won't take very long I miss my girl so much. Tavia is with me at my dad's and she seems to be okay. When I find a place it will be one that I can take both cats and Lilly to. But in all honesty I feel more like myself than I have in a long while. My sister and I are getting along and my dad and I are as well. But I think we will get along much better once I have my own place. I can't wait. I am a bit burned on dating. He had become very jealous in a short amount of time and he didn't want me going to my dad's or my sister's, or any of my friends. And he was drinking a case of beer every night almost. And if I had stayed I would have eventually become one of those women who where long sleeves and dark glasses to hide the bruises and I am too strong of a woman for that. I just thought I would let everyone know what's going on and that I miss you all.
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It's good you got out when you did.
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Well I am glad you got out of that relationship early.
I hope your new job goes well and you can have both kitties back with you in a short period of time.

Keep in touch!!
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I am hoping I get a place really soon my friend's cat is teaching Chloe some bad habits and besides they are not as careful as I am with her, due to an injury she had when I rescued her, and I miss her so much. But they were the only people who would take her for the time being. The first couple of weeks I just moped around and found my job its taken nearly a month to get it going because they have a long process they go through of background checks and such but its coming together. And now my problem is people telling me I should get rid of my girls and my answer to that is not ever. I may have to watch my pennys but I can do it. The move in is what's going to be hard but after that I will be fine. And my girls will be better than fine. All they need is their meowmy and their sissy Lilly.
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You have found your inner strength and you must never lose it again. Good luck that you find your own place soon and can start a new life.
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I was just wondering yesterday where you had disappeared to..You are very strong for leaving a guy like that..way to go

You'll be back on your feet in no time
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I'm glad you got out of that relationship in time, Gail, and are getting your life back on track. Lots of well wishes and !
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This if anything will make you a stronger person. I hope you manage to find a lovely place for you and the babies
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Glad to hear you got out of that relationship asap! Good luck with getting your apartment and putting your fur-family back together
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Very glad to hear you go out of a bad situation. A lot of women don't have the inner strength to do it... Any man who can treat a woman like an object is no man at all...

Wishing you the best!!!
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Good for you for leaving before it got any worse. Way too many women stick around in such relationships.

I hope things work out well for you Getting away from an abusive partner is a step in the right direction.
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I think if anything this will make me a better person for the first time in my life I actually stood up for myself. And I used to not do that. I just wish I had my own place because I miss my Chloe so much and because Lilly is outside right now and I hate it but there isn't much I can do about it. Tavia is restricted to my bedroom because dad doesn't want his leather furniture messed up. But I think by the end of March I will be in an apartment if not by April I have to save up the money for deposits and such before I can move. One of my friends wanted me to rent with her but I think what I really want is my own space so that the girls and I don't have to do anything unless we want to. And she has two kids and neither Lilly or Tavia like kids that much. Thank you all so much for your support
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Good for you!! that everything gets straightened out soon!
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