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Antibiotic Question

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Coco is on Cephalexen for her Cold. They Vet Tech said she thought it was Orange Favored. Online it says Mixed Berry. Why do they use fruit flavors for Cats? The one Coco is taking now is in a big bottle. They said it only comes in one size because is for people. They also said they think Cavamox is Banana Flavored. Cavamox makes Coco very Sick so she can never have it again.
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Clavamox = augmentin for people = amoxicillin (a penicillin) plus an inhibitor

Cephalixin is a cephlaopsorin. There can be a cross-allergy - meaning that if you are allergic to penicillin, you may react to cephalixin.
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hmm I have never thought of Clavamox being banana flavoured? I will have to pay attention next time. But Ceph is a human medicine and so that is why it is probably fruit flavoured. It smells really good.
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We had distemper stuff for both the dog and cats and it was banana flavored too! I don't understand! The Vet said she isn't sure why they are fruit flavored either, other than for the sweetness.
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Some medicines are certain flavors based on how a study of cats reacted to the medicine flavor.

When Luna was a kitten, I remember the meds for her internal parasites were butterscotch flavor. The vet told me that kittens love the butterscotch flavor (and BOY did she ! )
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My Cats hate the Meds. Meeko was terrible when i gave her the Clavamox a few weeks ago She fought me and tried to spit it out. She gives the Vet attitude even when she gets Shots. Coco never complains. She dosent like the Meds though. She got Sick from teh Cephalexen the last few days. I hope its not going to be like the Clavamox. The vet said she has another Med we can try but I forget the name. She has a week and 2 days left on this Med. I will try to finish it. That Cat is Allergic to so many things.
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Booboo is on that right now, the liquid... I got a drop on my hand and tasted it. WOW ... it's really strong, and it tastes sort of like the pink "bubble gum" human antibiotics I used to take when I was younger, but way way stronger. Poor kitty, I can't imagine having to down that. But don't they say cats can't taste sweetness? *shrugs* Okay I just tasted a small drop again, it DOES taste like Bananna! But with a small bit of bubble gum...... weird.
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I never had a Cat like Clavamox yet and Coco dosent ike the Cephalexin either. I just smelled it but can not tell what it smells like.
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I had chicken flavored Baytril once for the rats.. the vet originally got that flavor in for cats though. The girls thought it was the best thing ever and faught over it who got to take it. I've never tried a flavored one for Chase.. I just request pills for him.
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My Cats always get liquid except when Coco get Pred and she spits it out. I get Pred too for my Asthma so I know how bad it tastes.
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I always get the vet form of cephelexin when my kitties get it, but I think it tastes like butt no matter what!
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Coco has that right now. Its in a big bottle and came with a thing you have to fill to the number 2. it has a plunger in it. The Cephaexen is Orange colored. They said to throw it out after 2 weeks. Last time there was haf a bottle left. It cost 40 per bottle.The Vet said thats the smallest they can get in that. The Clavamox comes in its on box and is white.
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OMG I can't believe they charged you that much for it!!! I have never paid over $10 dollars for it!! The most expencive cat med Ive ever paid for was $20!! ( I would pay more if it cost more, but nothing has cost more than that, and 20 was for the big bottle of Paragaurd shampoo!)
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I think its because I am Calif. My Friend in Owanka S.D had a fit when I told her what my Vet charges for everything. They are the best Vet in my area. Clavamox is 15.03 Per Box. Office Visit is 46.The Pain Shots were 32 Each.
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Wow that's expensive. Mine was 20, and I have a relatively small bottle of the liquid. I thought 20 was high.
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Clavamox is the same as clavaseptin, isn`t it?

Is it because you`re using the liquid that it`s flavoured?

It`s just that Kitty has just finished a course of Clavaseptin ( tablet form ) and he eats them like a treat because they are chicken flavour here.

( Maybe I`m being thick )
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I am not sure if that is the same as Clavamox. My old Vet cost more then this one. My Brother still goes there. Its 2 Hours from me now but they were good too.
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