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new owner need advice

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My partner and i recently we brought a longhaired haired tabby female off of a couple who were moving aboard, this is the first time we have owned a cat, shes a year and half old. After a week we noticed she was gaining weight and thought we were over feeding her, took her to the vet to get her checked over and to get some flea and worming treatment and was told she was pregnant, we were told by the previous owners that she was spayed and fully up to date with her injections even though we werent given her injection card as proof as they told us they have misplaced it.

We had an ultrasound done and was told she had a week and half left and that was 2 weeks ago, the vet couldnt tell us how many kittens she was having due to her being far into her pregnancy, she said it was hard to tell, we were given a sheet of paper about pregnancy length etc and when we asked about what to do when she goes into labour, the vet told us it will be fine she will know what to do.

On monday i felt the kittens moving this is the first time i noticed any movement, I have also been doing research on the internet and i read that from the moment you feel the kittens moving it takes 7 to 10 days and another site said 2 weeks and another said 3 weeks so im confused. We have got her a box so its all ready and have been feeding her kitten food, we are trying to figure out when shes due as i want one of us to be home just incase theres any complications.

We will be keeping the kittens as we dont want them to go to a home that after so long will have no time for them and give them up, as soon as shes done with nursing shes getting spayed. We dont think shes going to have a large litter as shes not got a large tummy.
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I wish I could answer your question but someone will be along soon to answer you. I would be very angry at the people that you bought her from since they said she was spayed. Have they already left the country? I wouldn't trust that she had her shots.
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Welcome to TCS!

I've had four pregnant foster kitties in the past year. The first one I was able to feel the kittens move 10 days before she delivered. The second kitty I felt them about 7 days before delivery. The third kitty was about 13 days before delivery. The most recent one that just gave birth on Thursday went 15 days after I felt the first movement. But every kitty is going to be very different obviously.

Maybe they've been moving for awhile before you felt them, with my most recent foster kitty I couldn't feel the kittens move very often, I had to catch it at just the right time.

What is your kitty's name? I will add your her to our "kitten watch" thread. Please keep us updated on her progress!
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Oh so now you're going to have a family of cats! YAY!! Thats so much fun! I think all kitties are different, but maybe you could call your vet and ask them! They might have some good information for you... Are her nipples huge and red yet?? Any milk coming out of them? I think the rule of thumb is that a few days after they have milk the kittens will be born!! Good luck, keep us posted and remember we like pictues!
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Hi -- I hope that you will continue to post and let us know how everything goes with the kittens. That's great that you are keeping all of them .. but not everyone would decide that they no longer have time for them and give them up (even thought that surely does happen)
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Since you plan on keeping everyone , be prepared to be getting them spayed/neutered by 4 months - they can breed as young as that! Hopefully she will only have a few, but she could fool you and wind up with 6 or 7!
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Any updates on your kitty?
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