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Blondie has a new talent

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Blondie decided this afternoon to show us that he knows how to fetch.

He has a plastic ball with a jingle bell inside, which he was chasing around the house. He picked up the ball and brought it to us. We threw it, and he chased it, caught it, and brought it back so we could throw it again. He fetched the ball about 6 times before he jumped up on the bed and curled up around the ball to snooze.

Obviously, he had this all figured out already, as we did nothing but praise and pet him each time he fetched. We didn't set out to teach him this trick. I think we were the ones being trained here.
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I love it when kitties play fetch! Trent used to, he did for a long time. Then hubby got the bright idea to gather up all the balls he could find so when Trent didn't bring the ball back he wouldn't have to *gasp* get up to get the ball (heaven forbid we stop playing fetch when Trent was done). Trent figured this out very quickly and stopped fetching the ball. Now he only plays chase the ball.
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thats funny you should post this topic - Kahu finally learned how to play fetch and he is sooo funny when he plays, he runs too fast, and when he tries to catch the toy, he flips over!
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Tigger chases her food if I flick it across the floor. Roo just looks at it unless I give him lots of pets and encouragement, then he'll chase a few.
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