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I NEED other cat lovers opinion.

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I know I do not come around this forum very often. But I am desperate and would love another's opinion that feels the same way about my cats.

Heres the back story:
I am 23 years old and proud mother of a 3 year old Siamese Ragdoll named Neka and a 2 year old spotted Bengal named Kaia. I love my girls beyond belief, I love them more then most people I know.
But my common law and I split up recently after 5 years of being together and living together for 3 years. We own a condo together that we now have to sell and I am moving in with a roommate into a rental property until I finish school in a year.
Here's the thing. I refuse to let my ex keep them because they are mine and I don't think he wants them.
I'm finding it next to impossible to find a place to rent that will even allow my girls let alone 2 of them. I am moving in with a roommate and Im afraid the cats are going to destroy her stuff. They energetic detroyers . But being 23 and a full time student I'm afraid I am not going to be able to afford them. Kaia had an injury a week ago and I had to take her to the hospital and after all that it was 200 dollars. And now being on my own if that came up unexpectedly I do not know if I can afford it. As well we all know cats can be very messy. But my biggest concern in this summer Im going away for 5 weeks and I have no one to look after them and in a year when Im done school Im thinking of moving to England for a year. And wouldn't be able to take them.

On the upside the girls are my only source of joy and constant right now. Specially on having to deal with a major break up, moving out of my home, my entire life being flipped upside down. I do not know if I could handle getting rid of them. They are like my children. So I'm at my witts end on trying to figure out what to do and I'm running out of tears on the decision.

My parents and friends think I should give them up. And I could get other cats in a few years when my life allows it. Its just hard to say good bye to your best friends.

Please I just need anothers opinion.

Thank you and sorry its so winded.

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I know what you mean, but right now having a stable home for them is important. With your plans being unsure, difficulty in finding a place to live and the possibility of moving to England and not being able to take them; plus being away for 5 weeks and no one to care......well the best thing you can do is to find them a permanant home with someone else.

Maybe see if the people would allow you to visit or keep in touch with you with pictures. But unless you would pay for someone to care for them long term, I don't see a lot of choices for you.

It is a very tough decision to make; but you want what is best for the cats.
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Goldenkitty is right. If you could find a good home for them both where you could visit from time to time, it would be great. Moving all the time from a place to another would be terrifying for them. Unless they get along well with your new roommate and she wants to take care of them while you are away? Good luck for finding the best solution for you and your cats.
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I take it that your parents aren't willing to take your cats in until things calm down in your world? No friends either?

That is the downside to pets, once you have one or two (or more) you're responsible for them: vet visits, love, food, etc. If they do destroy anything of your new roommates, then you are ultimately responsible for their actions. If they rip apart her $1,000 couch, you are still responsible for replacing that couch.

As for England, how definate is the year long adventure? If it is definate, then I would suggest rehoming your cats, especially if no one you know will take them in.

Good luck in yur decision though
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I'll take the other side and say that you'll regret it if you got rid of them. I went though a similar situation - I bought a house with my former fiance, and when we broke up I moved out.

I had to find a place that would take my 2 cats and my dog. It was hard and I had to spend a little more than I had wanted to spend on rent. I made cut backs in other areas of my life so I could afford the rent - obviously if you are living on the brink of poverty this may not be a smart decision, but I couldn't get rid of my animals. The pain of giving them up would have been far greater than giving up other things in my life; those were the sacrifices I made to keep them.

I would advise to cross your bridges when you get to them. You are afraid of them destroying things/having accidents/leaving them way before any of these things have ever happened. Maybe your roommate or your ex will take care of them when you're gone? Maybe your situation will change before then. I'm all for planning for the future, but I'm not one who makes drastic decisions with no solid reason leading me to believe bad things will happen.

PS - I think the quarantine rules in England have relaxed quite a bit recently. Taking them with may not be out of the question.
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This is just me. My lifestyle and plans are adapted to, and include, my cats. I couldn't let my lifestyle and plans decide whether or not my cats stayed with me. I understand that each person has different priorities, but for me, my cats are my priority.
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I have had that problem. I was living in a pace that didnt take Cats and had to leave them at my Dads for a couple of years. It was so hard finding a place. Try to see if any friends or family can take them for a while.
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