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Awwww.... now this is CUTE

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The kitty and the deer.... awwww....
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That is cute, and funny also..

It's as though the deer is saying "Let me in, it's cold out here!"
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Awww! That's so cute
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That is so cute . I would love to have a deer peeking in my window
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Hehe, that was sweet.
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That is cute but I would be nervous having deer that close to the glass doors. What would happen if they had gotten spooked? Yikes!
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There is a plastic pan that is empty on that deck. I think that the deer were asking the cat to get his pets to put more food out.
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that's cute!
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Precious!!! Very precious!!
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Ohh thats so cute!!!

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Awww, that's such a sweet picture!
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I wanna live there Cute pic!
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I wonder what the cat was thinking?? Do you think he was scared outta his mind?? I would have been if I would have seen 2 deer that close up! Not to mention is was a good thing this didnt happen during hunting season!
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